Alessio Trivella
Alessio Trivella
Assistant Professor, University of Twente
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The impact of socioeconomic and behavioural factors for purchasing energy efficient household appliances: A case study for Denmark
M Baldini, A Trivella, JW Wente
Energy policy 120 (1), 503–513, 2018
The load-balanced multi-dimensional bin-packing problem
A Trivella, D Pisinger
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Train trajectory optimization for improved on-time arrival under parametric uncertainty
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Enabling active/passive electricity trading in dual-price balancing markets
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An optimization approach for a complex real-life container loading problem
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A review of train delay prediction approaches
T Spanninger, A Trivella, B Büchel, F Corman
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Modelling of electricity savings in the Danish households sector: from the energy system to the end-user
M Baldini, A Trivella
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Managing shutdown decisions in merchant commodity and energy production: A social commerce perspective
A Trivella, S Nadarajah, SE Fleten, D Mazieres, D Pisinger
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 23 (2), 311–330, 2021
The multi-commodity network flow problem with soft transit time constraints: Application to liner shipping
A Trivella, F Corman, DF Koza, D Pisinger
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The impact of wind on energy-efficient train control
A Trivella, P Wang, F Corman
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Stochastic process in railway traffic flow: Models, methods and implications
F Corman, A Trivella, M Keyvan-Ekbatani
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Meeting corporate renewable power targets
A Trivella, D Mohseni-Taheri, S Nadarajah
Management Science 69 (1), 491-512, 2023
Bin-packing problems with load balancing and stability constraints
A Trivella, D Pisinger
TSL 2017 - 1st INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Society Conference, 2017
Multi-scale optimization of the design of offshore wind farms
D Cazzaro, A Trivella, F Corman, D Pisinger
Applied Energy, 14, 118830, 2022
Enhancing the interaction of railway timetabling and line planning with infrastructure awareness
F Fuchs, A Trivella, F Corman
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 142, 103805, 2022
A review of real-time railway and metro rescheduling models using learning algorithms
M Jusup, A Trivella, F Corman
IJCAI 2021 - 30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2021
Modeling uncertainty dynamics in public transport optimization
A Trivella, F Corman
STRC 2019 - 19th Swiss Transport Research Conference, 2019
The multi-commodity network flow problem with soft transit time constraints
A Trivella, F Corman, DF Koza, D Pisinger
23rd EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting (EWGT 2020), 2020
Modeling soft unloading constraints in the multi-drop container loading problem
G Bonet Filella, A Trivella, F Corman
European Journal of Operational Research 308 (1), 336-352, 2023
An analysis of power peaks in stochastic models of railway traffic
A Trivella, F Corman
hEART 2022 - 10th Symposium of the European Association for Research in …, 2022
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