David James Martin
David James Martin
Senior Scientist, Johnson Matthey
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Visible-light driven heterojunction photocatalysts for water splitting–a critical review
SJA Moniz, SA Shevlin, DJ Martin, ZX Guo, J Tang
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (3), 731-759, 2015
Highly efficient photocatalytic H2 evolution from water using visible light and structure‐controlled graphitic carbon nitride
DJ Martin, K Qiu, SA Shevlin, AD Handoko, X Chen, Z Guo, J Tang
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (35), 9240-9245, 2014
Mimicking Natural Photosynthesis: Solar to Renewable H2 Fuel Synthesis by Z-Scheme Water Splitting Systems
Y Wang, H Suzuki, J Xie, O Tomita, DJ Martin, M Higashi, D Kong, R Abe, ...
Chemical reviews 118 (10), 5201-5241, 2018
Visible Light-Driven Pure Water Splitting by a Nature-Inspired Organic Semiconductor-Based System
DJ Martin, PJT Reardon, SJA Moniz, J Tang
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (36), 12568 -12571, 2014
H2 and O2 Evolution from Water Half-Splitting Reactions by Graphitic Carbon Nitride Materials
AB Jorge, DJ Martin, MTS Dhanoa, AS Rahman, N Makwana, J Tang, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (14), 7178-7185, 2013
Efficient visible driven photocatalyst, silver phosphate: performance, understanding and perspective
DJ Martin, G Liu, SJA Moniz, Y Bi, AM Beale, J Ye, J Tang
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (21), 7808-7828, 2015
Facet engineered Ag 3 PO 4 for efficient water photooxidation
DJ Martin, N Umezawa, X Chen, J Ye, J Tang
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (11), 3380-3386, 2013
CuO x–TiO 2 junction: what is the active component for photocatalytic H 2 production?
Z Wang, Y Liu, DJ Martin, W Wang, J Tang, W Huang
Physical chemistry chemical physics 15 (36), 14956-14960, 2013
Chemical imaging of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts under operating conditions
SWT Price, DJ Martin, AD Parsons, WA Sławiński, A Vamvakeros, ...
Science Advances 3 (3), e1602838, 2017
A comparison of photocatalytic reforming reactions of methanol and triethanolamine with Pd supported on titania and graphitic carbon nitride
W Jones, DJ Martin, A Caravaca, AM Beale, M Bowker, T Maschmeyer, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 240, 373-379, 2019
Conversion of solar energy to fuels by inorganic heterogeneous systems
LI Kimfung, D Martin, T Junwang
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 32 (6-8), 879-890, 2011
Transient formation and reactivity of a high-valent nickel (IV) oxido complex
SK Padamati, D Angelone, A Draksharapu, G Primi, DJ Martin, M Tromp, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (25), 8718-8724, 2017
Control of chemical state of cerium in doped anatase TiO 2 by solvothermal synthesis and its application in photocatalytic water reduction
JF de Lima, MH Harunsani, DJ Martin, D Kong, PW Dunne, D Gianolio, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (18), 9890-9898, 2015
Investigation into high efficiency visible light photocatalysts for water reduction and oxidation
DJ Martin
UCL (University College London), 2014
X-ray spectroscopic and scattering methods applied to the characterisation of Cobalt-based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis catalysts
J Herbert, P Senecal, DJ Martin, W Bras, SK Beaumont, AM Beale
Catalysis Science & Technology, 2016
Spectroscopic investigation of the activation of a chromium-pyrrolyl ethene trimerization catalyst
B Venderbosch, JPH Oudsen, LA Wolzak, DJ Martin, TJ Korstanje, ...
ACS catalysis 9 (2), 1197-1210, 2018
CO oxidation over supported gold nanoparticles as revealed by operando grazing incidence X-ray scattering analysis
Y Odarchenko, DJ Martin, T Arnold, AM Beale
Faraday discussions 208, 243-254, 2018
Reversible restructuring of supported Au nanoparticles during butadiene hydrogenation revealed by operando GISAXS/GIWAXS
DJ Martin, D Decarolis, YI Odarchenko, JJ Herbert, T Arnold, J Rawle, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (37), 5159-5162, 2017
Spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigation of the [Fe 2 (bdt)(CO) 6] Hydrogenase Mimic and some Catalyst Intermediates
JP Oudsen, B Venderbosch, DJ Martin, TJ Korstanje, JNH Reek, M Tromp
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (27), 14638-14645, 2019
Investigating the active species in a [(R‐SN (H) S‐R) CrCl3] ethene trimerization system: mononuclear or dinuclear?
B Venderbosch, JPH Oudsen, DJ Martin, B de Bruin, TJ Korstanje, ...
Chem. Cat. Chem,, 2019
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