Luis Felipe Urquiza Aguiar
Luis Felipe Urquiza Aguiar
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Survey on routing protocols for vehicular ad hoc networks based on multimetrics
C Tripp-Barba, A Zaldívar-Colado, L Urquiza-Aguiar, JA Aguilar-Calderón
Electronics 8 (10), 1177, 2019
A multimetric, map-aware routing protocol for VANETs in urban areas
C Tripp-Barba, L Urquiza-Aguiar, MA Igartua, D Rebollo-Monedero, ...
Sensors 14 (2), 2199-2224, 2014
Survey on physical layer security for 5G wireless networks
JDV Sánchez, L Urquiza-Aguiar, MCP Paredes, DPM Osorio
Annals of Telecommunications 76, 155-174, 2021
Design and evaluation of GBSR-B, an improvement of GPSR for VANETs
CT Barba, LU Aguiar, MA Igartua
IEEE Latin America Transactions 11 (4), 1083-1089, 2013
A collaborative protocol for anonymous reporting in vehicular ad hoc networks
CT Barba, LU Aguiar, MA Igartua, J Parra-Arnau, D Rebollo-Monedero, ...
Computer Standards & Interfaces 36 (1), 188-197, 2013
Available bandwidth estimation in GPSR for VANETs
C Tripp-Barba, M Aguilar Igartua, L Urquiza Aguiar, AM Mezher, ...
Proceedings of the third ACM international symposium on Design and analysis …, 2013
Realistic environment for VANET simulations to detect the presence of obstacles in vehicular ad hoc networks
AM Mezher, JJ Oltra, LU Aguiar, CI Paredes, CT Barba, MA Igartua
Proceedings of the 11th ACM symposium on Performance evaluation of wireless …, 2014
A traffic-aware electric vehicle charging management system for smart cities
PB Bautista, LL Cárdenas, LU Aguiar, MA Igartua
Vehicular Communications 20, 100188, 2019
Physical layer security for 5G wireless networks: A comprehensive survey
JDV Sánchez, L Urquiza-Aguiar, MCP Paredes
2019 3rd cyber security in networking conference (CSNet), 122-129, 2019
On the impact of building attenuation models in vanet simulations of urban scenarios
L Urquiza-Aguiar, C Tripp-Barba, J Estrada-Jiménez, MA Igartua
Electronics 4 (1), 37-58, 2015
Information-Theoretic Security of MIMO Networks Under - Shadowed Fading Channels
JDV Sánchez, DPM Osorio, FJ López-Martínez, MCP Paredes, ...
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 70 (7), 6302-6318, 2021
Comparison of propagation and packet error models in vehicular networks performance
C Tripp-Barba, L Urquiza-Aguiar, A Zaldívar-Colado, J Estrada-Jiménez, ...
Vehicular Communications 12, 1-13, 2018
A geographical heuristic routing protocol for VANETs
L Urquiza-Aguiar, C Tripp-Barba, M Aguilar Igartua
Sensors 16 (10), 1567, 2016
Fraud detection using the fraud triangle theory and data mining techniques: a literature review
M Sánchez-Aguayo, L Urquiza-Aguiar, J Estrada-Jiménez
Computers 10 (10), 121, 2021
On the secrecy performance over N-wave with diffuse power fading channel
JDV Sánchez, DPM Osorio, FJ López-Martínez, MCP Paredes, ...
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (12), 15137-15148, 2020
Comparison of SUMO’s vehicular demand generators in vehicular communications via graph-theory metrics
L Urquiza-Aguiar, W Coloma-Gómez, PB Bautista, X Calderón-Hinojosa
Ad Hoc Networks 106, 102217, 2020
An accurate, fast approximation for the sum of fading random variables via expectation maximization applications to diversity systems
JDV Sánchez, L Urquiza-Aguiar, MCP Paredes
IEEE Access 6, 42616-42630, 2018
Mitigation of packet duplication in VANET unicast protocols
L Urquiza-Aguiar, C Tripp-Barba, ÁR Muir
Ad Hoc Networks 52, 63-77, 2016
A Multi-User Game-Theoretical Multipath Routing Protocol to Send Video-Warning Messages over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
AM Mezher, MA Igartua, LJ De la Cruz Llopis, EP Segarra, C Tripp-Barba, ...
Sensors 15 (4), 9039-9077, 2015
Propagation and Packet Error models in VANET simulations
L Urquiza, C Tripp, I Martin, M Aguilar
IEEE Latin America Transactions 12 (3), 499-507, 2014
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