Antoine M. Dujon
Antoine M. Dujon
School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University, Waurn Pound Campus
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Noninvasive unmanned aerial vehicle provides estimates of the energetic cost of reproduction in humpback whales
F Christiansen, AM Dujon, KR Sprogis, JPY Arnould, L Bejder
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The accuracy of Fastloc‐GPS locations and implications for animal tracking
AM Dujon, RT Lindstrom, GC Hays
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Temporal autocorrelation: a neglected factor in the study of behavioral repeatability and plasticity
DJ Mitchell, AM Dujon, C Beckmann, PA Biro
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Complex movement patterns by foraging loggerhead sea turtles outside the breeding season identified using Argos‐linked Fastloc‐Global Positioning System
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Vibrio harveyi adheres to and penetrates tissues of the European abalone Haliotis tuberculata within the first hours of contact
M Cardinaud, A Barbou, C Capitaine, A Bidault, AM Dujon, D Moraga, ...
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Identifying key questions in the ecology and evolution of cancer
AM Dujon, A Aktipis, C Alix‐Panabières, SR Amend, AM Boddy, JS Brown, ...
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Importance of machine learning for enhancing ecological studies using information-rich imagery
AM Dujon, G Schofield
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The ecology and evolution of wildlife cancers: Applications for management and conservation
R Hamede, R Owen, H Siddle, S Peck, M Jones, AM Dujon, M Giraudeau, ...
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Fastloc-GPS reveals daytime departure and arrival during long-distance migration and the use of different resting strategies in sea turtles
AM Dujon, G Schofield, RE Lester, N Esteban, GC Hays
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Transmissible cancers in an evolutionary perspective
AM Dujon, RA Gatenby, G Bramwell, N MacDonald, E Dohrmann, ...
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A groundwater-fed coastal inlet as habitat for the Caribbean queen conch Lobatus gigas an acoustic telemetry and space use analysis
TC Stieglitz, AM Dujon
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A review of the potential effects of climate change on disseminated neoplasia with an emphasis on efficient detection in marine bivalve populations
G Bramwell, AG Schultz, CDH Sherman, M Giraudeau, F Thomas, ...
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Transmissible cancers in mammals and bivalves: How many examples are there? Predictions indicate widespread occurrence
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Cancer risk landscapes: A framework to study cancer in ecosystems
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Machine learning to detect marine animals in UAV imagery: Effect of morphology, spacing, behaviour and habitat
AM Dujon, D Ierodiaconou, JJ Geeson, JPY Arnould, BM Allan, ...
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 7 (3), 341-354, 2021
Snail leaps and bounds: drivers of the diel movement pattern of a large invertebrate, the Caribbean queen conch (Lobatus gigas), in a marginal inshore habitat
AM Dujon, TC Stieglitz, E Amice, DM Webber
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Do malignant cells sleep at night?
LE Cortés-Hernández, Z Eslami-S, AM Dujon, M Giraudeau, B Ujvari, ...
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Global meta‐analysis of over 50 years of multidisciplinary and international collaborations on transmissible cancers
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Evolutionary Applications 13 (7), 1745-1755, 2020
Group phenotypic composition in cancer
JP Capp, J DeGregori, AM Nedelcu, AM Dujon, J Boutry, P Pujol, ...
Elife 10, e63518, 2021
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