Karthik Jambunathan
Karthik Jambunathan
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Ferroelectric polarization reversal via successive ferroelastic transitions
R Xu, S Liu, I Grinberg, J Karthik, AR Damodaran, AM Rappe, LW Martin
Nature materials 14 (1), 79-86, 2015
Effect of Growth Induced (Non)Stoichiometry on Interfacial Conductance in
E Breckenfeld, N Bronn, J Karthik, AR Damodaran, S Lee, N Mason, ...
Physical Review Letters 110 (19), 196804, 2013
Effect of Growth Induced (Non)Stoichiometry on the Structure, Dielectric Response, and Thermal Conductivity of SrTiO3 Thin Films
E Breckenfeld, R Wilson, J Karthik, AR Damodaran, DG Cahill, LW Martin
Chemistry of Materials 24 (2), 331-337, 2012
Stationary domain wall contribution to enhanced ferroelectric susceptibility
R Xu, J Karthik, AR Damodaran, LW Martin
Nature communications 5 (1), 3120, 2014
Entanglement, avoided crossings, and quantum chaos in an Ising model with a tilted magnetic field
J Karthik, A Sharma, A Lakshminarayan
Physical Review A 75 (2), 022304, 2007
Unexpected crystal and domain structures and properties in compositionally graded PbZr (1-x) Ti (x) O3 thin films.
RVK Mangalam, J Karthik, AR Damodaran, JC Agar, LW Martin
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 25 (12), 1761-1767, 2013
Epitaxial ferroelectric heterostructures fabricated by selective area epitaxy of SrRuO3 using an MgO mask.
J Karthik, AR Damodaran, LW Martin
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 24 (12), 1610-1615, 2012
Polarization screening-induced magnetic phase gradients at complex oxide interfaces
SR Spurgeon, PV Balachandran, DM Kepaptsoglou, AR Damodaran, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6735, 2015
Improved Pyroelectric Figures of Merit in Compositionally Graded PbZr1–xTixO3 Thin Films
RVK Mangalam, JC Agar, AR Damodaran, J Karthik, LW Martin
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (24), 13235-13241, 2013
Effect of domain walls on the electrocaloric properties of Pb (Zr1− x, Tix) O3 thin films
J Karthik, LW Martin
Applied Physics Letters 99 (3), 2011
Temperature and thickness evolution and epitaxial breakdown in highly-strained BiFeO3 thin films
AR Damodaran, S Lee, K Jambunathan, S MacClaren, LW Martin
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1110.3847, 2011
Thickness-dependent crossover from charge-to strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling in ferromagnetic/piezoelectric oxide heterostructures
SR Spurgeon, JD Sloppy, DM Kepaptsoglou, PV Balachandran, S Nejati, ...
ACS nano 8 (1), 894-903, 2014
Pyroelectric properties of polydomain epitaxial Pb (Zr 1− x, Ti x) O 3 thin films
J Karthik, LW Martin
Physical Review B 84 (2), 024102, 2011
Effect of 90 domain walls on the low-field permittivity of PbZr 0.2 Ti 0.8 O 3 thin films
J Karthik, AR Damodaran, LW Martin
Physical review letters 108 (16), 167601, 2012
Effect of 90 domain walls and thermal expansion mismatch on the pyroelectric properties of epitaxial PbZr0. 2Ti0. 8O3 thin films
J Karthik, JC Agar, AR Damodaran, LW Martin
Physical review letters 109 (25), 257602, 2012
Large built-in electric fields due to flexoelectricity in compositionally graded ferroelectric thin films
J Karthik, RVK Mangalam, JC Agar, LW Martin
Physical Review B 87 (2), 024111, 2013
Direct observation of ferroelectric domain switching in varying electric field regimes using in situ TEM
CR Winkler, AR Damodaran, J Karthik, LW Martin, ML Taheri
Micron 43 (11), 1121-1126, 2012
Resistance reduction in transistors having epitaxially grown source/drain regions
R Mehandru, AS Murthy, T Ghani, GA Glass, K Jambunathan, ST Ma, ...
US Patent App. 15/575,008, 2018
Towards reversible control of domain wall conduction in Pb (Zr0. 2Ti0. 8) O3 thin films
I Gaponenko, P Tückmantel, J Karthik, LW Martin, P Paruch
Applied Physics Letters 106 (16), 2015
Reduction of the electrocaloric entropy change of ferroelectric PbZr 1− x Ti x O 3 epitaxial layers due to an elastocaloric effect
T Tong, J Karthik, RVK Mangalam, LW Martin, DG Cahill
Physical Review B 90 (9), 094116, 2014
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