Pilar Aroca
Pilar Aroca
Associate Professor of Human Anatomy, University of Murcia
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The inherent cytotoxicity of melanin precursors: a revision
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An epidermal growth factor receptor/ret chimera generates mitogenic and transforming signals: evidence for a ret-specific signaling pathway
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The Iroquois homeodomain proteins are required to specify body wall identity in Drosophila
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Regulation of the final phase of mammalian melanogenesis: The role of dopachrome tautomerase and the ratio between 5, 6‐dihydroxyindole‐2‐carboxylic acid and 5, 6‐dihydroxyindole
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De novo mutations in PLXND1 and REV3L cause Möbius syndrome
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Comparative action of dopachrome tautomerase and metal ions on the rearrangement of dopachrome
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Postulated boundaries and differential fate in the developing rostral hindbrain
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Crypto-rhombomeres of the mouse medulla oblongata, defined by molecular and morphological features
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Locus coeruleus neurons originate in alar rhombomere 1 and migrate into the basal plate: studies in chick and mouse embryos
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A new spectrophotometric assay for dopachrome tautomerase
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Hox gene colinear expression in the avian medulla oblongata is correlated with pseudorhombomeric domains
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Specificity of dopachrome tautomerase and inhibition by carboxylated indoles. Considerations on the enzyme active site
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Biochemical Journal 277 (2), 393-397, 1991
Regulation of mammalian melanogenesis II: the role of metal cations
JR Jara, F Solano, JC Garcia-Borron, P Aroca, JA Lozano
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Molecular profiling indicates avian branchiomotor nuclei invade the hindbrain alar plate
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From gene to protein: determination of melanin synthesis
K Urabe, P Aroca, VJ Hearing
Pigment cell research 6 (4), 186-192, 1993
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