Georg Northoff
Georg Northoff
Canada Research Chair in Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics, ELJB-CIHR Michael Smith Chair in Neurosciences and Mental Health
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Self-referential processing in our brain—a meta-analysis of imaging studies on the self
G Northoff, A Heinzel, M De Greck, F Bermpohl, H Dobrowolny, ...
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Cortical midline structures and the self
G Northoff, F Bermpohl
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Is there a core neural network in empathy? An fMRI based quantitative meta-analysis
Y Fan, NW Duncan, M De Greck, G Northoff
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How is our self related to midline regions and the default-mode network?
P Qin, G Northoff
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Imbalance between left and right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in major depression is linked to negative emotional judgment: an fMRI study in severe major depressive disorder
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Culture-sensitive neural substrates of human cognition: A transcultural neuroimaging approach
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What catatonia can tell us about “top-down modulation”: a neuropsychiatric hypothesis
G Northoff
Behavioral and brain sciences 25 (5), 555-577, 2002
A cultural neuroscience approach to the biosocial nature of the human brain
S Han, G Northoff, K Vogeley, BE Wexler, S Kitayama, MEW Varnum
Annual review of psychology 64 (1), 335-359, 2013
GABA concentrations in the human anterior cingulate cortex predict negative BOLD responses in fMRI
G Northoff, M Walter, RF Schulte, J Beck, U Dydak, A Henning, H Boeker, ...
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S Grimm, P Boesiger, J Beck, D Schuepbach, F Bermpohl, M Walter, ...
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Functional dissociation between medial and lateral prefrontal cortical spatiotemporal activation in negative and positive emotions: a combined fMRI/MEG study
G Northoff, A Richter, M Gessner, F Schlagenhauf, J Fell, F Baumgart, ...
Cerebral Cortex 10 (1), 93-107, 2000
The relationship between aberrant neuronal activation in the pregenual anterior cingulate, altered glutamatergic metabolism, and anhedonia in major depression
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Discovering imaging endophenotypes for major depression
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Increased self‐focus in major depressive disorder is related to neural abnormalities in subcortical‐cortical midline structures
S Grimm, J Ernst, P Boesiger, D Schuepbach, D Hell, H Boeker, ...
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Reciprocal modulation and attenuation in the prefrontal cortex: an fMRI study on emotional–cognitive interaction
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The trans-species concept of self and the subcortical–cortical midline system
G Northoff, J Panksepp
Trends in cognitive sciences 12 (7), 259-264, 2008
Rest-stimulus interaction in the brain: a review
G Northoff, P Qin, T Nakao
Trends in neurosciences 33 (6), 277-284, 2010
The resting brain and our self: self-relatedness modulates resting state neural activity in cortical midline structures
F Schneider, F Bermpohl, A Heinzel, M Rotte, M Walter, C Tempelmann, ...
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Unlocking the brain: volume 2: consciousness
G Northoff
Oxford University Press, USA, 2014
Segregated neural representation of distinct emotion dimensions in the prefrontal cortex—an fMRI study
S Grimm, CF Schmidt, F Bermpohl, A Heinzel, Y Dahlem, M Wyss, D Hell, ...
Neuroimage 30 (1), 325-340, 2006
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