Degang Song
Degang Song
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CD27 costimulation augments the survival and antitumor activity of redirected human T cells in vivo
DG Song, Q Ye, M Poussin, GM Harms, M Figini, DJ Powell Jr
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 119 (3), 696-706, 2012
In Vivo Persistence, Tumor Localization, and Antitumor Activity of CAR-Engineered T Cells Is Enhanced by Costimulatory Signaling through CD137 (4-1BB)
DG Song, Q Ye, C Carpenito, M Poussin, LP Wang, C Ji, M Figini, ...
Cancer research 71 (13), 4617-4627, 2011
Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells with Dissociated Signaling Domains Exhibit Focused Antitumor Activity with Reduced Potential for Toxicity In Vivo
E Lanitis, M Poussin, AW Klattenhoff, D Song, R Sandaltzopoulos, ...
Cancer immunology research 1 (1), 43-53, 2013
CD137 accurately identifies and enriches for naturally occurring tumor-reactive T cells in tumor
Q Ye, DG Song, M Poussin, T Yamamoto, A Best, C Li, G Coukos, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 20 (1), 44-55, 2014
Effective adoptive immunotherapy of triple-negative breast cancer by folate receptor-alpha redirected CAR T cells is influenced by surface antigen expression level
DG Song, Q Ye, M Poussin, JA Chacon, M Figini, DJ Powell
Journal of hematology & oncology 9 (1), 1-12, 2016
Chimeric NKG2D CAR-expressing T cell-mediated attack of human ovarian cancer is enhanced by histone deacetylase inhibition
DG Song, Q Ye, S Santoro, C Fang, A Best, DJ Powell Jr
Human gene therapy 24 (3), 295-305, 2013
A fully human chimeric antigen receptor with potent activity against cancer cells but reduced risk for off-tumor toxicity
DG Song, Q Ye, M Poussin, L Liu, M Figini, DJ Powell Jr
Oncotarget 6 (25), 21533, 2015
Primary human ovarian epithelial cancer cells broadly express HER2 at immunologically-detectable levels
E Lanitis, D Dangaj, IS Hagemann, DG Song, A Best, R Sandaltzopoulos, ...
Plos one 7 (11), e49829, 2012
Control of triple-negative breast cancer using ex vivo self-enriched, costimulated NKG2D CAR T cells
Y Han, W Xie, DG Song, DJ Powell
Journal of hematology & oncology 11 (1), 1-13, 2018
Pro-survival signaling via CD27 costimulation drives effective CAR T-cell therapy
DG Song, DJ Powell
Oncoimmunology 1 (4), 547-549, 2012
Rigorous optimization and validation of potent RNA CAR T cell therapy for the treatment of common epithelial cancers expressing folate receptor
K Schutsky, DG Song, R Lynn, JB Smith, M Poussin, M Figini, Y Zhao, ...
Oncotarget 6 (30), 28911, 2015
Multiparameter comparative analysis reveals differential impacts of various cytokines on CART cell phenotype and function ex vivo and in vivo
XJ Xu, DG Song, M Poussin, Q Ye, P Sharma, A Rodríguez-García, ...
Oncotarget 7 (50), 82354, 2016
Finding a needle in a haystack: Activation-induced CD137 expression accurately identifies naturally occurring tumor-reactive T cells in cancer patients
Q Ye, DG Song, DJ Powell Jr
Oncoimmunology 2 (12), e27184, 2013
The genetic polymorphisms of intercellular cell adhesion molecules and breast cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis
L Liu, M Sun, D Song, Z Wang
Molecular biology reports 40, 1855-1860, 2013
Chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia expressing CD33
D Song, MH Swartz, SG Biesecker, F Borda, RR Shah, P Emtage, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 128 (22), 4058-4058, 2016
Clinical study of docetaxel-vinorelbine as second-line chemotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer
J Guo, W Li, D Song, Z Wang, J Liu, C Li, Z Chen, H Shi
The Chinese-German Journal of Clinical Oncology 7, 200-202, 2008
Upregulation of NKG2D Ligands by Sodium Valproate (VPA) Increased the Susceptibility of Cancer Cells That Are Recognized by Chimeric NKG2D-4-1BB-CD3z T Cells
DG Song, S Santoro, DJ Powell Jr
Improved Persistence and In Vivo Antitumor Efficacy of Human T Cells Engineered to Express a 4-1BB Costimulated Alpha-Folate Receptor-Specific Chimeric Immune Receptor
D Song, C Carpenitow, M Poussin, S Canevari, CH June, G Coukos, ...
Journal of Immunotherapy 33 (8), 865-865, 2010
Compositions and methods of nkg2d chimeric antigen receptor t cells for controlling triple-negative breast cancer
D Powell, S De-Gang
US Patent App. 17/255,108, 2021
Development of a CAR T Cell Platform with Dissociated Signalling Domains for Selective Reactivity Against Ovarian Cancer
E Lanitis, M Poussin, DG Song, R Sandaltzopoulos, DJ Powell Jr
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