Giovanni M. Di Liberto
Giovanni M. Di Liberto
Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems, Trinity College Dublin
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The multivariate temporal response function (mTRF) toolbox: a MATLAB toolbox for relating neural signals to continuous stimuli
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Low-frequency cortical entrainment to speech reflects phoneme-level processing
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Atypical cortical entrainment to speech in the right hemisphere underpins phonemic deficits in dyslexia
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Infant-directed speech facilitates seven-month-old infants’ cortical tracking of speech
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Multiway canonical correlation analysis of brain data
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Delta-and theta-band cortical tracking and phase-amplitude coupling to sung speech by infants
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Dash: Dynamic approach for switching heuristics
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Msc Thesis, "DASH: Dynamic Approach for Switching Heuristics"
YM Giovanni M. Di Liberto, BO Sullivan, M Fischetti
Indexing cortical entrainment to natural speech at the phonemic level: Methodological considerations for applied research
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Low-frequency cortical responses to natural speech reflect probabilistic phonotactics
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Cortical measures of phoneme-level speech encoding correlate with the perceived clarity of natural speech
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Visual cortical entrainment to motion and categorical speech features during silent lipreading
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Dissociable electrophysiological measures of natural language processing reveal differences in speech comprehension strategy in healthy ageing
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ASR for under-resourced languages from probabilistic transcription
MA Hasegawa-Johnson, P Jyothi, D McCloy, M Mirbagheri, GM Di Liberto, ...
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 25 (1), 50-63, 2016
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