Christine Luscombe
Christine Luscombe
Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
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All-inkjet-printed flexible electronics fabrication on a polymer substrate by low-temperature high-resolution selective laser sintering of metal nanoparticles
SH Ko, H Pan, CP Grigoropoulos, CK Luscombe, JMJ Fréchet, ...
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K Okamoto, J Zhang, JB Housekeeper, SR Marder, CK Luscombe
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The impact of molecular weight on microstructure and charge transport in semicrystalline polymer semiconductors–poly (3-hexylthiophene), a model study
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Printable polythiophene gas sensor array for low-cost electronic noses
JB Chang, V Liu, V Subramanian, K Sivula, C Luscombe, A Murphy, J Liu, ...
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Synthesis and characterization of thiophene-containing naphthalene diimide n-type copolymers for OFET applications
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Polymer crystallinity controls water uptake in glycol side-chain polymer organic electrochemical transistors
LQ Flagg, CG Bischak, JW Onorato, RB Rashid, CK Luscombe, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (10), 4345-4354, 2019
Controlled polymerizations for the synthesis of semiconducting conjugated polymers
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Synthesis, characterization, and field-effect transistor performance of carboxylate-functionalized polythiophenes with increased air stability
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Electrochemical strain microscopy probes morphology-induced variations in ion uptake and performance in organic electrochemical transistors
R Giridharagopal, LQ Flagg, JS Harrison, ME Ziffer, J Onorato, ...
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Organometallic donor− acceptor conjugated polymer semiconductors: Tunable optical, electrochemical, charge transport, and photovoltaic properties
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Y Liu, SR Scully, MD McGehee, J Liu, CK Luscombe, JMJ Frechet, ...
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Synthesis and characterization of solution-processable ladderized n-type naphthalene bisimide copolymers for OFET applications
MM Durban, PD Kazarinoff, Y Segawa, CK Luscombe
Macromolecules 44 (12), 4721-4728, 2011
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