Tamal Guha
Tamal Guha
Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong
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Indefinite causal order enables perfect quantum communication with zero capacity channels
G Chiribella, M Banik, SS Bhattacharya, T Guha, M Alimuddin, A Roy, ...
New Journal of Physics 23 (3), 033039, 2021
Nonlocal correlations: Fair and unfair strategies in Bayesian games
A Roy, A Mukherjee, T Guha, S Ghosh, SS Bhattacharya, M Banik
Physical Review A 94 (3), 032120, 2016
Thermodynamic advancement in the causally inseparable occurrence of thermal maps
T Guha, M Alimuddin, P Parashar
Physical Review A 102 (3), 032215, 2020
Nonlocality without entanglement: Quantum theory and beyond
SS Bhattacharya, S Saha, T Guha, M Banik
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 012068, 2020
Bound on ergotropic gap for bipartite separable states
M Alimuddin, T Guha, P Parashar
Physical Review A 99 (5), 052320, 2019
Random-receiver quantum communication
SS Bhattacharya, AG Maity, T Guha, G Chiribella, M Banik
PRX Quantum 2 (2), 020350, 2021
Two-qubit pure entanglement as optimal social welfare resource in bayesian game
M Banik, SS Bhattacharya, N Ganguly, T Guha, A Mukherjee, A Rai, ...
Quantum 3, 185, 2019
Multicopy adaptive local discrimination: Strongest possible two-qubit nonlocal bases
M Banik, T Guha, M Alimuddin, G Kar, S Halder, SS Bhattacharya
Physical Review Letters 126 (21), 210505, 2021
Quantum advantage for shared randomness generation
T Guha, M Alimuddin, S Rout, A Mukherjee, SS Bhattacharya, M Banik
Quantum 5, 569, 2021
Structure of passive states and its implication in charging quantum batteries
M Alimuddin, T Guha, P Parashar
Physical Review E 102 (2), 022106, 2020
Constraining the state space in any physical theory with the principle of information symmetry
M Banik, S Saha, T Guha, S Agrawal, SS Bhattacharya, A Roy, ...
Physical Review A 100 (6), 060101, 2019
Advantage of quantum theory over nonclassical models of communication
S Saha, SS Bhattacharya, T Guha, S Halder, M Banik
Annalen der Physik 532 (12), 2000334, 2020
Independence of work and entropy for equal-energetic finite quantum systems: Passive-state energy as an entanglement quantifier
M Alimuddin, T Guha, P Parashar
Physical Review E 102 (1), 012145, 2020
Composition of Multipartite Quantum Systems: Perspective from Timelike Paradigm
SG Naik, EP Lobo, S Sen, RK Patra, M Alimuddin, T Guha, ...
Physical Review Letters 128 (14), 140401, 2022
Local quantum state marking
S Sen, EP Lobo, SG Naik, RK Patra, T Gupta, SB Ghosh, S Saha, ...
Physical Review A 105 (3), 032407, 2022
Classical analogue of quantum superdense coding and communication advantage of a single quantum system
RK Patra, SG Naik, EP Lobo, S Sen, T Guha, SS Bhattacharya, ...
Quantum 8, 1315, 2024
No-go results in quantum thermodynamics
T Guha, M Alimuddin, P Parashar
Physical Review A 101 (1), 012115, 2020
Allowed and forbidden bipartite correlations from thermal states
T Guha, M Alimuddin, P Parashar
Physical Review E 100 (1), 012147, 2019
Quantum networks boosted by entanglement with a control system
T Guha, S Roy, G Chiribella
Physical Review Research 5 (3), 033214, 2023
Activating strong nonlocality from local sets: An elimination paradigm
SB Ghosh, T Gupta, AA V, A Das Bhowmik, S Saha, T Guha, A Mukherjee
Physical Review A 106 (1), L010202, 2022
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