Yao Zheng
Yao Zheng
Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
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Scalable and secure sharing of personal health records in cloud computing using attribute-based encryption
M Li, S Yu, Y Zheng, K Ren, W Lou
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DDoS attack protection in the era of cloud computing and software-defined networking
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Privacy-preserving personal health record system using attribute-based encryption
Y Zhen
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2011
Peerclean: Unveiling peer-to-peer botnets through dynamic group behavior analysis
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Privacy-preserving link prediction in decentralized online social networks
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Tracking location privacy leakage of mobile ad networks at scale
B Hu, Q Yan, Y Zheng
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Identification of COVID-19 type respiratory disorders using channel state analysis of wireless communications links
LC Lubecke, K Ishmael, Y Zheng, O Borić-Lubecke, VM Lubecke
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iJam with channel randomization
JL Melcher, Y Zheng, D Anthony, M Troglia, T Yang, A Yang, ...
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Phase correlation single channel continuous wave doppler radar recognition of multiple sources
K Ishmael, Y Zheng, O Borić-Lubecke
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Tinnitus management in lateral skull base lesions
J San Juan, GJ Basura
Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B: Skull Base 80 (02), 125-131, 2019
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