Kennedy J Ngwira
Kennedy J Ngwira
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Good Manufacturing Practices and Safety Issues in Functional Food Industries
AG Mtewa, I Chikowe, S Kumar, KJ Ngwira, F Lampiao
Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals: Bioactive Components, Formulations and …, 2020
Biosynthesis, synthetic studies, and biological activities of the jadomycin alkaloids and related analogues
CB de Koning, KJ Ngwira, AL Rousseau
The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology 84, 125-199, 2020
Novel methodology for the synthesis of the benz [a] anthracene skeleton of the angucyclines using a Suzuki-Miyaura/isomerization/ring closing metathesis strategy
MM Johnson, KJ Ngwira, AL Rousseau, A Lemmerer, CB de Koning
Tetrahedron 74 (1), 12-18, 2018
Drug-like properties of anticancer molecules elucidated from Eichhornia crassipes
AG Mtewa, S Deyno, K Ngwira, F Lampiao, EL Peter, LY Ahovegbe, ...
Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 7 (5), 2075-2079, 2018
In vitro antiplasmodial and HIV-1 neutralization activities of root and leaf extracts from Berberis holstii
KJ Ngwira, VJ Maharaj, QA Mgani
Journal of Herbal Medicine 5 (1), 30-35, 2015
Cytotoxic mixed-ligand complexes of Cu (II): A combined experimental and computational study
MB Alem, T Damena, T Desalegn, M Koobotse, R Eswaramoorthy, ...
Frontiers in Chemistry 10, 1028957, 2022
Phytopharmaceuticals: Efficacy, safety, and regulation
AG Mtewa, C Egbuna, TB Beressa, KJ Ngwira, F Lampiao
Preparation of Phytopharmaceuticals for the Management of Disorders, 25-38, 2021
Novel methodology for the synthesis of the benzo[b]phenanthridine and 6H-dibenzo[c,h]chromen-6-one skeletons. Reactions of 2-naphthylbenzylamines and 2 …
P Pradeep, KJ Ngwira, C Reynolds, AL Rousseau, A Lemmerer, ...
Tetrahedron 72 (51), 8417-8427, 2016
Synthesis of phenanthridines via a novel photochemically-mediated cyclization and application to the synthesis of triphaeridine
S Ntsimango, KJ Ngwira, ML Bode, CB de Koning
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 17 (1), 2340-2347, 2021
Valorisation of cashew nut shell liquid phenolics in the synthesis of UV absorbers
KJ Ngwira, J Kühlborn, QA Mgani, CB de Koning, T Opatz
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2019 (30), 4778-4790, 2019
Reactions of [2‐(2‐Naphthyl)phenyl]acetylenes and 2‐(2‐Naphthyl)benzaldehyde O‐Phenyloximes: Synthesis of the Angucycline Tetrangulol and 1,10,12‐Trimethoxy‐8 …
KJ Ngwira, AL Rousseau, MM Johnson, CB de Koning
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2017 (11), 1479-1488, 2017
Fundamental methods in drug permeability, pKa, LogP and LogDx determination
AG Mtewa, K Ngwira, F Lampiao, A Weisheit, CU Tolo, PE Ogwang, ...
Journal of Drug Research and Development, 2018
Drug repurposing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) treatment
AG Mtewa, A Amanjot, TM Yadesa, KJ Ngwira
Coronavirus Drug Discovery, 205-226, 2022
Ligand-protein interactions of plant-isolated (9z, 12z)-octadeca-9, 12-dienoic acid with Β-ketoacyl-Acp synthase (KasA) in potential anti-tubercular drug designing
AG Mtewa, JT Bvunzawabaya, KJ Ngwira, F Lampiao, R Maghembe, ...
Scientific African 12, e00824, 2021
Synthesis, molecular docking, and biological studies of novel heteroleptic Cu (II) and Zn (II) complexes of natural product-based semicarbazone derivatives
F Muleta, T Desalegn, TB Demissie, R Eswaramoorthy, HCA Murthy, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1274, 134405, 2023
compounds having excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) character for use in treating and/or preventing sunburn and/or preventing UV damage
T Opatz, J Kühlborn, CB De Koning, KJ Ngwira, QA Mgani
US Patent App. 17/437,519, 2022
Hydrogen-Bonded Xanthones as Potential UV Absorbers: The Synthesis of Xanthones from Bio-Renewable Cardanol Utilizing a Ceric Ammonium Sulfate (CAS)-Mediated Oxidation Reaction
F Jagot, I Minnie, A Rahman, S Ntsimango, KJ Ngwira
SynOpen 6 (01), 58-66, 2022
Computational demonstration of cheminformatics and machine learning in coronavirus drug discovery
AG Mtewa, KJ Ngwira, DC Sesaazi
Coronavirus drug discovery, 219-233, 2022
Chromatographic, Mass and Cytotoxicity analysis of Isolates from Eichhornia crassipes’ Roots and Leaves against HepG2 and MCF7 cell lines
AG Mtewa, KJ Ngwira, F Lampiao, EL Peter, A Weisheit, CU Tolo, ...
Cogent Biology 6 (1), 1, 2021
Classification of Phytotoxins and their Mechanisms of Action
AG Mtewa, C Egbuna, KJ Ngwira, F Lampiao, U Shah, TK Mtewa
Poisonous Plants and Phytochemicals in Drug Discovery, 19-30, 2020
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