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Kari Rissanen
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Definition of the halogen bond (IUPAC Recommendations 2013)
GR Desiraju, PS Ho, L Kloo, AC Legon, R Marquardt, P Metrangolo, ...
Pure and applied chemistry 85 (8), 1711-1713, 2013
White phosphorus is air-stable within a self-assembled tetrahedral capsule
P Mal, B Breiner, K Rissanen, JR Nitschke
Science 324 (5935), 1697-1699, 2009
X-ray analysis on the nanogram to microgram scale using porous complexes
Y Inokuma, S Yoshioka, J Ariyoshi, T Arai, Y Hitora, K Takada, ...
Nature 495 (7442), 461-466, 2013
Self-assembly of Janus dendrimers into uniform dendrimersomes and other complex architectures
V Percec, DA Wilson, P Leowanawat, CJ Wilson, AD Hughes, ...
Science 328 (5981), 1009-1014, 2010
Halogen bonded supramolecular complexes and networks
K Rissanen
CrystEngComm 10 (9), 1107-1113, 2008
Recognition and sensing of fluoride anion
M Cametti, K Rissanen
Chemical Communications, 2809-2829, 2009
A synthetic molecular pentafoil knot
JF Ayme, JE Beves, DA Leigh, RT McBurney, K Rissanen, D Schultz
Nature Chemistry 4 (1), 15-20, 2012
Spin crossover in a supramolecular Fe4II [2× 2] grid triggered by temperature, pressure, and light
E Breuning, M Ruben, JM Lehn, F Renz, Y Garcia, V Ksenofontov, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 39 (14), 2504-2507, 2000
A Self‐Assembled M8L6 Cubic Cage that Selectively Encapsulates Large Aromatic Guests
W Meng, B Breiner, K Rissanen, JD Thoburn, JK Clegg, JR Nitschke
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (15), 3479-3483, 2011
An unlockable–relockable iron cage by subcomponent self‐assembly
P Mal, D Schultz, K Beyeh, K Rissanen, JR Nitschke
Angewandte Chemie 120 (43), 8421-8425, 2008
Nonporous organic solids capable of dynamically resolving mixtures of diiodoperfluoroalkanes
P Metrangolo, Y Carcenac, M Lahtinen, T Pilati, K Rissanen, A Vij, ...
Science 323 (5920), 1461-1464, 2009
Definition of the chalcogen bond (IUPAC Recommendations 2019)
CB Aakeroy, DL Bryce, GR Desiraju, A Frontera, AC Legon, F Nicotra, ...
Pure and Applied Chemistry 91 (11), 1889-1892, 2019
Highlights on contemporary recognition and sensing of fluoride anion in solution and in the solid state
M Cametti, K Rissanen
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (5), 2016-2038, 2013
Anion− π interactions with fluoroarenes
M Giese, M Albrecht, K Rissanen
Chemical Reviews 115 (16), 8867-8895, 2015
Nanomolar Pyrophosphate Detection in Water and in a Self-Assembled Hydrogel of a Simple Terpyridine-Zn2+ Complex
S Bhowmik, BN Ghosh, V Marjomäki, K Rissanen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (15), 5543-5546, 2014
Organocatalytic Domino Oxa‐Michael/1, 6‐Addition Reactions: Asymmetric Synthesis of Chromans Bearing Oxindole Scaffolds
K Zhao, Y Zhi, T Shu, A Valkonen, K Rissanen, D Enders
Angewandte Chemie 128 (39), 12283-12287, 2016
Self-assembly and anion encapsulation properties of cavitand-based coordination cages
F Fochi, P Jacopozzi, E Wegelius, K Rissanen, P Cozzini, E Marastoni, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (31), 7539-7552, 2001
Experimental investigation of anion–π interactions–applications and biochemical relevance
M Giese, M Albrecht, K Rissanen
Chemical Communications 52 (9), 1778-1795, 2016
Water structure recovery in chaotropic anion recognition: high‐affinity binding of dodecaborate clusters to γ‐cyclodextrin
KI Assaf, MS Ural, F Pan, T Georgiev, S Simova, K Rissanen, D Gabel, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (23), 6852-6856, 2015
Elucidation of the chiral recognition mechanism of cinchona alkaloid carbamate-type receptors for 3, 5-dinitrobenzoyl amino acids
NM Maier, S Schefzick, GM Lombardo, M Feliz, K Rissanen, W Lindner, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (29), 8611-8629, 2002
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