John W. Sutherland
John W. Sutherland
Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University
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An exploration of measures of social sustainability and their application to supply chain decisions
MJ Hutchins, JW Sutherland
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K Ramani, D Ramanujan, WZ Bernstein, F Zhao, J Sutherland, ...
An improved method for cutting force and surface error prediction in flexible end milling systems
JW Sutherland, RE Devor
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A GIS-based method for identifying the optimal location for a facility to convert forest biomass to biofuel
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Structure of the global plastic waste trade network and the impact of China’s import Ban
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Toward integrated product and process life cycle planning—An environmental perspective
Y Umeda, S Takata, F Kimura, T Tomiyama, JW Sutherland, S Kara, ...
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Flow shop scheduling with peak power consumption constraints
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An energy-responsive optimization method for machine tool selection and operation sequence in flexible machining job shops
Y He, Y Li, T Wu, JW Sutherland
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Enabling sustainable thinking in undergraduate engineering education
DN Huntzinger, MJ Hutchins, JS Gierke, JW Sutherland
International Journal of Engineering Education 23 (2), 218, 2007
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