Ines Sviličić Petrić
Ines Sviličić Petrić
PhD, Laboratorij za okolišnu mikrobiologiju i biotehnologiju, Institut Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb
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Inter-laboratory evaluation of the ISO standard 11063 “Soil quality—Method to directly extract DNA from soil samples”
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Evidence for shifts in the structure and abundance of the microbial community in a long-term PCB-contaminated soil under bioremediation
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Combined metabolic activity within an atrazine-mineralizing community enriched from agrochemical factory soil
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A tiered assessment approach based on standardized methods to estimate the impact of nicosulfuron on the abundance and function of the soil microbial community
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Pollution from azithromycin-manufacturing promotes macrolide-resistance gene propagation and induces spatial and seasonal bacterial community shifts in receiving river sediments
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Distribution of terbuthylazine and atrazine residues in crop-cultivated soil: The effect of herbicide application rate on herbicide persistence
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Taxonomic and functional diversity of atrazine‐degrading bacterial communities enriched from agrochemical factory soil
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Insight in the PCB-degrading functional community in long-term contaminated soil under bioremediation
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ECOFUN-MICROBIODIV: an FP7 European project for developing and evaluating innovative tools for assessing the impact of pesticides on soil functional microbial diversity …
F Martin-Laurent, E Kandeler, I Petric, S Djuric, DG Karpouzas
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PCB-degrading potential of aerobic bacteria enriched from marine sediments
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Enrichment and characterization of PCB-degrading bacteria as potential seed cultures for bioremediation of contaminated soil
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Food Technology and Biotechnology 45 (1), 11-20, 2007
Nicosulfuron application in agricultural soils drives the selection towards NS-tolerant microorganisms harboring various levels of sensitivity to nicosulfuron
I Petric, DG Karpouzas, D Bru, N Udikovic-Kolic, E Kandeler, S Djuric, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23 (5), 4320-4333, 2016
Evidence for taxonomic and functional drift of an atrazine-degrading culture in response to high atrazine input
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Soil microbial diversity: an ISO standard for soil DNA extraction
L Philippot, C Abbate, A Bispo, T Chesnot, S Hallin, P Lemanceau, ...
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Genetic potential, diversity and activity of an atrazine‐degrading community enriched from a herbicide factory effluent
N Udiković Kolić, F Martin‐Laurent, M Devers, I Petrić, A Begonja Kolar, ...
Journal of applied microbiology 105 (5), 1334-1343, 2008
Effects of industrial effluents containing moderate levels of antibiotic mixtures on the abundance of antibiotic resistance genes and bacterial community composition in exposed …
M Milaković, G Vestergaard, JJ González-Plaza, I Petrić, J Kosić-Vukšić, ...
Science of the Total Environment 706, 136001, 2020
Distribution and diversity of marine picocyanobacteria community: Targeting of Prochlorococcus ecotypes in winter conditions (southern Adriatic Sea)
I Babić, I Petrić, S Bosak, H Mihanović, ID Radić, Z Ljubešić
Marine genomics 36, 3-11, 2017
Non-destructive method for detecting Aphanomyces astaci, the causative agent of crayfish plague, on the individual level
D Pavić, M Čanković, I Petrić, J Makkonen, S Hudina, I Maguire, ...
Journal of invertebrate pathology 169, 107274, 2020
Spatio-temporal dynamics of sulfate-reducing bacteria in extreme environment of Rogoznica Lake revealed by 16S rRNA analysis
M Čanković, I Petrić, M Marguš, I Ciglenečki
Journal of Marine Systems 172, 14-23, 2017
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