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Phytohormones and beneficial microbes: essential components for plants to balance stress and fitness
D Egamberdieva, SJ Wirth, AA Alqarawi, EF Abd_Allah, A Hashem
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 278255, 2017
Role of Trichoderma harzianum in mitigating NaCl stress in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L) through antioxidative defense system
P Ahmad, A Hashem, EF Abd-Allah, AA Alqarawi, R John, ...
Frontiers in plant science 6, 868, 2015
The Interaction between Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Endophytic Bacteria Enhances Plant Growth of Acacia gerrardii under Salt Stress
A Hashem, EF Abd_Allah, AA Alqarawi, AA Al-Huqail, S Wirth, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 1089, 2016
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi regulate the oxidative system, hormones and ionic equilibrium to trigger salt stress tolerance in Cucumis sativus L.
A Hashem, AA Alqarawi, R Radhakrishnan, ABF Al-Arjani, HA Aldehaish, ...
Saudi journal of biological sciences 25 (6), 1102-1114, 2018
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and abiotic stress in plants: a review
AAHA Latef, A Hashem, S Rasool, EF Abd_Allah, AA Alqarawi, ...
Journal of plant biology 59, 407-426, 2016
Endophytic bacterium Bacillus subtilis (BERA 71) improves salt tolerance in chickpea plants by regulating the plant defense mechanisms
EF Abd_Allah, AA Alqarawi, A Hashem, R Radhakrishnan, AA Al-Huqail, ...
Journal of Plant Interactions 13 (1), 37-44, 2018
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici causal agent of vascular wilt disease of tomato: Biology to diversity–A review
C Srinivas, DN Devi, KN Murthy, CD Mohan, TR Lakshmeesha, BP Singh, ...
Saudi journal of biological sciences 26 (7), 1315-1324, 2019
Endophytic fungi—alternative sources of cytotoxic compounds: a review
F Uzma, CD Mohan, A Hashem, NM Konappa, S Rangappa, PV Kamath, ...
Frontiers in pharmacology 9, 309, 2018
Selenium modulates dynamics of antioxidative defence expression, photosynthetic attributes and secondary metabolites to mitigate chromium toxicity in Brassica juncea L. plants
N Handa, SK Kohli, A Sharma, AK Thukral, R Bhardwaj, EF Abd_Allah, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 161, 180-192, 2019
Combined use of biochar and zinc oxide nanoparticle foliar spray improved the plant growth and decreased the cadmium accumulation in rice (Oryza sativa L.) plant
S Ali, M Rizwan, S Noureen, S Anwar, B Ali, M Naveed, EF Abd_Allah, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26, 11288-11299, 2019
Alleviation of salt-induced adverse impact via mycorrhizal fungi in Ephedra aphylla Forssk
AA Alqarawi, EF Abd Allah, A Hashem
Journal of Plant Interactions 9 (1), 802-810, 2014
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and biochar improves drought tolerance in chickpea
A Hashem, A Kumar, AM Al-Dbass, AA Alqarawi, ABF Al-Arjani, G Singh, ...
Saudi journal of biological sciences 26 (3), 614-624, 2019
Enhancing growth performance and systemic acquired resistance of medicinal plant Sesbania sesban (L.) Merr using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under salt stress
EF Abd_Allah, A Hashem, AA Alqarawi, AH Bahkali, MS Alwhibi
Saudi journal of biological sciences 22 (3), 274-283, 2015
Increased resistance of drought by Trichoderma harzianum fungal treatment correlates with increased secondary metabolites and proline content
SA Mona, A Hashem, EF Abd_Allah, AA Alqarawi, DWK Soliman, S Wirth, ...
Journal of integrative agriculture 16 (8), 1751-1757, 2017
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi enhances salinity tolerance of Panicum turgidum Forssk by altering photosynthetic and antioxidant pathways
A Hashem, EF Abd_Allah, AA Alqarawi, A Aldubise, D Egamberdieva
Journal of Plant Interactions 10 (1), 230-242, 2015
Alleviation of cadmium stress in Solanum lycopersicum L. by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi via induction of acquired systemic tolerance
A Hashem, EF Abd_Allah, AA Alqarawi, AA Al Huqail, D Egamberdieva, ...
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 23 (2), 272-281, 2016
Bioherbicides: Current knowledge on weed control mechanism
R Radhakrishnan, AA Alqarawi, EF Abd_Allah
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 158, 131-138, 2018
Silver nanoparticles synthesized using wild mushroom show potential antimicrobial activities against food borne pathogens
YK Mohanta, D Nayak, K Biswas, SK Singdevsachan, EF Abd_Allah, ...
Molecules 23 (3), 655, 2018
Nanoparticle-based amelioration of drought stress and cadmium toxicity in rice via triggering the stress responsive genetic mechanisms and nutrient acquisition
T Ahmed, M Noman, N Manzoor, M Shahid, M Abdullah, L Ali, G Wang, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 209, 111829, 2021
Alleviation of adverse impact of cadmium stress in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi'
AA Ef, H Abeer, A Alqarawi, AA Hend
Pak. J. Bot 47 (2), 785-795, 2015
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