Hongpeng Sun
Hongpeng Sun
Renmin University of China
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Two single-shot methods for locating multiple electromagnetic scatterers
J Li, H Liu, Z Shang, H Sun
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 73 (4), 1721-1746, 2013
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K Bredies, H Sun
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H Liu, H Sun
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K Bredies, HP Sun
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I Kocyigit, H Liu, H Sun
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Dualization and automatic distributed parameter selection of total generalized variation via bilevel optimization
M Hintermüller, K Papafitsoros, CN Rautenberg, H Sun
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Analysis of fully preconditioned alternating direction method of multipliers with relaxation in Hilbert spaces
H Sun
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 183 (1), 199-229, 2019
Reconstructing acoustic obstacles by planar and cylindrical waves
J Li, H Liu, H Sun, J Zou
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X Xiang, H Sun
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Damping mechanisms for regularized transformation-acoustics cloaking
J Li, H Liu, H Sun
Contemp. Math., American Math. Soc 615, 233-253, 2014
An investigation on semismooth Newton based augmented Lagrangian method for image restoration
H Sun
Journal of Scientific Computing 92 (3), 1-37, 2022
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