Marcel A. van den Broek
Marcel A. van den Broek
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CRISPR/Cas9: a molecular Swiss army knife for simultaneous introduction of multiple genetic modifications in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
R Mans, HM van Rossum, M Wijsman, A Backx, NGA Kuijpers, ...
FEMS yeast research 15 (2), 2015
De novo sequencing, assembly and analysis of the genome of the laboratory strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CEN.PK113-7D, a model for modern industrial …
JF Nijkamp, M van den Broek, E Datema, S de Kok, L Bosman, MA Luttik, ...
Microbial Cell Factories 11, 1-17, 2012
S. cerevisiae× S. eubayanus interspecific hybrid, the best of both worlds and beyond
M Hebly, A Brickwedde, I Bolat, MRM Driessen, EAF de Hulster, ...
FEMS Yeast Research 15 (3), 2015
A versatile, efficient strategy for assembly of multi-fragment expression vectors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using 60 bp synthetic recombination sequences
NGA Kuijpers, D Solis-Escalante, L Bosman, M van den Broek, JT Pronk, ...
Microbial cell factories 12 (1), 1-13, 2013
A new laboratory evolution approach to select for constitutive acetic acid tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and identification of causal mutations
D González-Ramos, AR Gorter de Vries, SS Grijseels, MC Van Berkum, ...
Biotechnology for Biofuels 9 (1), 1-18, 2016
De novo detection of copy number variation by co-assembly
JF Nijkamp, MA van den Broek, JMA Geertman, MJT Reinders, ...
Bioinformatics 28 (24), 3195-3202, 2012
Genome-scale analyses of butanol tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveal an essential role of protein degradation
D González-Ramos, M van den Broek, AJA van Maris, JT Pronk, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 6 (1), 1-18, 2013
Nanopore sequencing enables near-complete de novo assembly of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reference strain CEN. PK113-7D
AN Salazar, AR Gorter de Vries, M van den Broek, M Wijsman, ...
FEMS Yeast Research 17 (7), 2017
Chromosomal copy number variation in Saccharomyces pastorianus is evidence for extensive genome dynamics in industrial lager brewing strains
M Van den Broek, I Bolat, JF Nijkamp, E Ramos, MAH Luttik, F Koopman, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 81 (18), 6253-6267, 2015
Combinatorial effects of environmental parameters on transcriptional regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a quantitative analysis of a compendium of chemostat-based …
TA Knijnenburg, JMG Daran, MA van den Broek, PAS Daran-Lapujade, ...
BMC genomics 10 (1), 1-20, 2009
Mutations in PMR1 stimulate xylose isomerase activity and anaerobic growth on xylose of engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae by influencing manganese …
MD Verhoeven, M Lee, L Kamoen, M Van Den Broek, DB Janssen, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 46155, 2017
Integrating genome assemblies with MAIA
J Nijkamp, W Winterbach, M Van den Broek, JM Daran, M Reinders, ...
Bioinformatics 26 (18), i433-i439, 2010
CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene deletions in lager yeast Saccharomyces pastorianus
AR Gorter de Vries, PA de Groot, M van den Broek, JMG Daran
Microbial cell factories 16 (1), 1-18, 2017
Chromosome level assembly and comparative genome analysis confirm lager-brewing yeasts originated from a single hybridization
AN Salazar, AR Gorter de Vries, M Van Den Broek, N Brouwers, ...
BMC genomics 20, 1-18, 2019
Optimizing anaerobic growth rate and fermentation kinetics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains expressing Calvin-cycle enzymes for improved ethanol yield
I Papapetridis, M Goudriaan, M Vázquez Vitali, NA De Keijzer, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 11, 1-17, 2018
Laboratory Evolution of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae × S. eubayanus Hybrid Under Simulated Lager-Brewing Conditions
AR Gorter de Vries, MA Voskamp, ACA Van Aalst, LH Kristensen, ...
Frontiers in Genetics 10, 242, 2019
Evolutionary Engineering in Chemostat Cultures for Improved Maltotriose Fermentation Kinetics in Saccharomyces pastorianus Lager Brewing Yeast
A Brickwedde, M van den Broek, JMA Geertman, F Magalhães, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1690, 2017
A minimal set of glycolytic genes reveals strong redundancies in Saccharomyces cerevisiae central metabolism
D Solis-Escalante, NGA Kuijpers, N Barrajon-Simancas, M van den Broek, ...
Eukaryotic cell 14 (8), 804-816, 2015
Allele-specific genome editing using CRISPR–Cas9 is associated with loss of heterozygosity in diploid yeast
AR Gorter de Vries, LGF Couwenberg, M Van Den Broek, ...
Nucleic acids research 47 (3), 1362-1372, 2019
Structural, Physiological and Regulatory Analysis of Maltose Transporter Genes in Saccharomyces eubayanus CBS 12357T
A Brickwedde, N Brouwers, M van den Broek, JS Gallego Murillo, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 1786, 2018
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