Karen Emmorey
Karen Emmorey
Distinguished Professor, San Diego State University
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Language, cognition, and the brain: Insights from sign language research
K Emmorey
Psychology Press, 2001
The source of enhanced cognitive control in bilinguals: Evidence from bimodal bilinguals
K Emmorey, G Luk, JE Pyers, E Bialystok
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Bimodal bilingualism
K Emmorey, HB Borinstein, R Thompson, TH Gollan
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J Xu, PJ Gannon, K Emmorey, JF Smith, AR Braun
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HJ Neville, SA Coffey, DS Lawson, A Fischer, K Emmorey, U Bellugi
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K Emmorey, SM Kosslyn, U Bellugi
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Towards a new neurobiology of language
D Poeppel, K Emmorey, G Hickok, L Pylkkänen
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D Van Lancker, J Kreiman, K Emmorey
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M Wilson, K Emmorey
Memory & Cognition 25 (3), 313-320, 1997
Differential coding of perception in the world’s languages
A Majid, SG Roberts, L Cilissen, K Emmorey, B Nicodemus, L O’grady, ...
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A morphometric analysis of auditory brain regions in congenitally deaf adults
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K Emmorey, D Corina
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Neural systems underlying spatial language in American Sign Language
K Emmorey, H Damasio, S McCullough, T Grabowski, LLB Ponto, ...
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Bimodal bilingualism: code-blending between spoken English and American Sign Language
K Emmorey, HB Borinstein, R Thompson
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ASL-LEX: A lexical database of American Sign Language
NK Caselli, ZS Sehyr, AM Cohen-Goldberg, K Emmorey
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Do signers gesture
K Emmorey
Gesture, speech, and sign 133, 159, 1999
The neurological substrates for prosodic aspects of speech
KD Emmorey
Brain and Language 30 (2), 305-320, 1987
Using space to describe space: Perspective in speech, sign, and gesture
K Emmorey, B Tversky, HA Taylor
Spatial cognition and computation 2, 157-180, 2000
Language, gesture, and space
K Emmorey, JS Reilly
Psychology Press, 2013
A “word length effect” for sign language: Further evidence for the role of language in structuring working memory
M Wilson, K Emmorey
Memory & Cognition 26 (3), 584-590, 1998
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