Anuji Abraham
Anuji Abraham
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Generation and characterization of well-defined Zn2+ Lewis acid sites in ion exchanged zeolite BEA
J Penzien, A Abraham, JA van Bokhoven, A Jentys, TE Müller, C Sievers, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (13), 4116-4126, 2004
Influence of framework silicon to aluminium ratio on aluminium coordination and distribution in zeolite Beta investigated by 27 Al MAS and 27 Al MQ MAS NMR
A Abraham, SH Lee, CH Shin, SB Hong, R Prins, JA van Bokhoven
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (11), 3031-3036, 2004
29Si and 27Al MAS/3Q-MAS NMR studies of high silica USY zeolites
KU Gore, A Abraham, SG Hegde, R Kumar, JP Amoureux, S Ganapathy
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (23), 6115-6120, 2002
Hydrogenation of tetralin on silica–alumina-supported Pt catalysts I. Physicochemical characterization of the catalytic materials
MF Williams, B Fonfé, C Sievers, A Abraham, JA van Bokhoven, A Jentys, ...
Journal of Catalysis 251 (2), 485-496, 2007
Proton-detected nitrogen-14 NMR by recoupling of heteronuclear dipolar interactions using symmetry-based sequences
S Cavadini, A Abraham, G Bodenhausen
Chemical Physics Letters 445 (1-3), 1-5, 2007
Solid-state NMR study of cysteine on gold nanoparticles
A Abraham, E Mihaliuk, B Kumar, J Legleiter, T Gullion
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (42), 18109-18114, 2010
Coherence transfer between spy nuclei and nitrogen-14 in solids
S Cavadini, A Abraham, G Bodenhausen
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 190 (1), 160-164, 2008
Multinuclear Solid-State High-Resolution and13C -{27Al} Double-Resonance Magic-Angle Spinning NMR Studies on Aluminum Alkoxides
A Abraham, R Prins, JA van Bokhoven, ERH van Eck, APM Kentgens
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (13), 6553-6560, 2006
l-Cysteine Interaction with Au55 Nanoparticle
JA Carr, H Wang, A Abraham, T Gullion, JP Lewis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (49), 25816-25823, 2012
Line-narrowing in proton-detected nitrogen-14 NMR
S Cavadini, V Vitzthum, S Ulzega, A Abraham, G Bodenhausen
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 202 (1), 57-63, 2010
1H MAS NMR Study of Cysteine-Coated Gold Nanoparticles
A Abraham, AJ Ilott, J Miller, T Gullion
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (27), 7771-7775, 2012
Evidence for dynamics on a 100 ns time scale from single-and double-quantum nitrogen-14 NMR in solid peptides
S Cavadini, A Abraham, S Ulzega, G Bodenhausen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (33), 10850-10851, 2008
Characterising the role of water in sildenafil citrate by NMR crystallography
A Abraham, DC Apperley, SJ Byard, AJ Ilott, AJ Robbins, V Zorin, ...
CrystEngComm 18 (6), 1054-1063, 2016
A multi-technique approach to the study of structural stability and desolvation of two unusual channel hydrate solvates of finasteride
S Byard, A Abraham, PJT Boulton, RK Harris, P Hodgkinson
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 101 (1), 176-186, 2012
NMR crystallography—three polymorphs of phenobarbital
A Abraham, DC Apperley, T Gelbrich, RK Harris, UJ Griesser
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 89 (7), 770-778, 2011
TRAPDOR double-resonance and high-resolution MAS NMR for structural and template studies in zeolite ZSM-5
A Abraham, R Prins, JA van Bokhoven, ERH van Eck, APM Kentgens
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 35 (2), 61-66, 2009
Understanding API–polymer proximities in amorphous stabilized composite drug products using fluorine–carbon 2D HETCOR solid-state NMR
A Abraham, G Crull
Molecular pharmaceutics 11 (10), 3754-3759, 2014
Drug–polymer interactions in acetaminophen/hydroxypropylmethylcellulose acetyl succinate amorphous solid dispersions revealed by multidimensional multinuclear solid-state NMR …
A Pugliese, M Toresco, D McNamara, D Iuga, A Abraham, M Tobyn, ...
Molecular Pharmaceutics 18 (9), 3519-3531, 2021
A nondestructive and noninvasive method to determine water content in lyophilized proteins using low‐field time‐domain NMR
A Abraham, O Elkassabany, ME Krause, A Ott
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 57 (10), 873-877, 2019
Correlation of phosphorus cross-linking to hydration rates in sodium starch glycolate tablet disintegrants using MRI
A Abraham, D Olusanmi, AJ Ilott, D Good, D Murphy, D Mcnamara, ...
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 105 (6), 1907-1913, 2016
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