Emilio Mariotti
Emilio Mariotti
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Experimental realization of coherent dark-state magnetometers
A Nagel, L Graf, A Naumov, E Mariotti, V Biancalana, D Meschede, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 44 (1), 31, 1998
Light-induced atom desorption
M Meucci, E Mariotti, P Bicchi, C Marinelli, L Moi
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Coherent spectroscopy of degenerate two-level systems in Cs
C Andreeva, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, V Biancalana, A Burchianti, ...
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Fast and efficient loading of a Rb magneto-optical trap using light-induced atomic desorption
SN Atutov, R Calabrese, V Guidi, B Mai, AG Rudavets, E Scansani, ...
Physical Review A 67 (5), 053401, 2003
Light-induced diffusion and desorption of alkali metals in a siloxane film: Theory and experiment
SN Atutov, V Biancalana, P Bicchi, C Marinelli, E Mariotti, M Meucci, ...
Physical Review A 60 (6), 4693, 1999
Giant modification of atomic transition probabilities induced by a magnetic field: forbidden transitions become predominant
A Sargsyan, A Tonoyan, G Hakhumyan, A Papoyan, E Mariotti, ...
Laser Physics Letters 11 (5), 055701, 2014
Excitation functions for produced in the fusion reaction
L Corradi, BR Behera, E Fioretto, A Gadea, A Latina, AM Stefanini, ...
Physical Review C 71 (1), 014609, 2005
Light-induced atomic desorption from porous silica
A Burchianti, C Marinelli, A Bogi, J Brewer, K Rubahn, HG Rubahn, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 67 (6), 983, 2004
Reversible light-controlled formation and evaporation of rubidium clusters in nanoporous silica
A Burchianti, A Bogi, C Marinelli, C Maibohm, E Mariotti, L Moi
Physical review letters 97 (15), 157404, 2006
Two-color coherent population trapping in a single Cs hyperfine transition, with application in magnetometry
C Andreeva, G Bevilacqua, V Biancalana, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, ...
Applied Physics B 76 (6), 667-675, 2003
Dynamics of rubidium light-induced atom desorption (LIAD)
E Mariotti, S Atutov, M Meucci, P Bicchi, C Marinelli, L Moi
Chemical physics 187 (1-2), 111-115, 1994
“White-light” Laser Cooling of a Fast Stored Ion Beam
SN Atutov, R Calabrese, R Grimm, V Guidi, I Lauer, P Lenisa, V Luger, ...
Physical review letters 80 (10), 2129, 1998
A new class of photo-induced phenomena in siloxane films
C Marinelli, KA Nasyrov, S Bocci, B Pieragnoli, A Burchianti, V Biancalana, ...
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 2001
Optical characterization and manipulation of alkali metal nanoparticles in porous silica
A Burchianti, A Bogi, C Marinelli, C Maibohm, E Mariotti, S Sanguinetti, ...
The European Physical Journal D 49 (2), 201-210, 2008
Francium sources and traps for fundamental interaction studies
G Stancari, SN Atutov, R Calabrese, L Corradi, A Dainelli, C de Mauro, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 150 (1), 389-392, 2007
Coherent population trapping resonances in Cs atoms excited by elliptically polarized light
K Nasyrov, S Cartaleva, N Petrov, V Biancalana, Y Dancheva, E Mariotti, ...
Physical Review A 74 (1), 013811, 2006
Desorption of Rb and Cs from PDMS induced by non resonant light scattering
C Marinelli, A Burchianti, A Bogi, F Della Valle, G Bevilacqua, E Mariotti, ...
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 2006
Wall effects on light-induced drift
S Gozzini, G Nienhuis, E Mariotti, G Paffuti, C Gabbanini, L Moi
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Light induced drift of sodium atoms in absence of wall adsorption
JH Xu, M Allegrini, S Gozzini, E Mariotti, L Moi
Optics communications 63 (1), 43-48, 1987
Saturated absorption spectroscopy: elimination of crossover resonances with the use of a nanocell
A Sargsyan, D Sarkisyan, A Papoyan, Y Pashayan-Leroy, P Moroshkin, ...
Laser Physics 18 (6), 749-755, 2008
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