Kedar Damle
Kedar Damle
Department of Theoretical Physics Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
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Nonzero-temperature transport near quantum critical points
K Damle, S Sachdev
Physical Review B 56 (14), 8714, 1997
Persistent supersolid phase of hard core bosons on the triangular lattice
D Heidarian, K Damle
Physical Review Letters 95, 127206, 2005
Griffiths effects and quantum critical points in dirty superconductors without spin-rotation invariance: One-dimensional examples
O Motrunich, K Damle, DA Huse
Physical Review-Section B-Condensed Matter 63 (22), 224204-224204, 2001
Spin dynamics and transport in gapped one-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnets at nonzero temperatures
K Damle, S Sachdev
Physical Review B 57 (14), 8307, 1998
Unusual liquid state of hard-core bosons on the pyrochlore lattice
A Banerjee, SV Isakov, K Damle, YB Kim
Physical review letters 100 (4), 047208, 2008
Low Temperature Spin Diffusion in the One-Dimensional Quantum Nonlinear Model
S Sachdev, K Damle
Physical review letters 78 (5), 943, 1997
Translational symmetry breaking in the superconducting state of the cuprates: Analysis of the quasiparticle density of states
D Podolsky, E Demler, K Damle, BI Halperin
Physical Review B 67 (9), 094514, 2003
Néel-state to valence-bond-solid transition on the honeycomb lattice: Evidence for deconfined criticality
S Pujari, K Damle, F Alet
Physical Review Letters 111 (8), 087203, 2013
Phase ordering kinetics of the Bose gas
K Damle, SN Majumdar, S Sachdev
Physical Review A 54 (6), 5037, 1996
Particle-hole symmetric localization in two dimensions
O Motrunich, K Damle, DA Huse
Physical Review B 65 (6), 064206, 2002
Dynamics and transport in random quantum systems governed by strong-randomness fixed points
O Motrunich, K Damle, DA Huse
Physical Review B 63 (13), 134424, 2001
Spin nematics and magnetization plateau transition in anisotropic kagome magnets
K Damle, T Senthil
Physical review letters 97 (6), 067202, 2006
Impurity spin texture at a deconfined quantum critical point
A Banerjee, K Damle, F Alet
Physical Review B 82 (15), 155139, 2010
Neutron scattering study of two-magnon states in the quantum magnet copper nitrate
DA Tennant, C Broholm, DH Reich, SE Nagler, GE Granroth, T Barnes, ...
Physical Review B 67 (5), 054414, 2003
Universal relaxational dynamics of gapped one dimensional models in the quantum sine-Gordon universality class
K Damle, S Sachdev
arXiv preprint cond-mat/0507380, 2005
Transitions to valence-bond solid order in a honeycomb lattice antiferromagnet
S Pujari, F Alet, K Damle
Physical Review B 91 (10), 104411, 2015
Sign-problem-free Monte Carlo simulation of certain frustrated quantum magnets
F Alet, K Damle, S Pujari
Physical review letters 117 (19), 197203, 2016
Permutation-symmetric multicritical points in random antiferromagnetic spin chains
K Damle, DA Huse
Physical review letters 89 (27), 277203, 2002
Implementation of pairwise longitudinal coupling in a three-qubit superconducting circuit
T Roy, S Kundu, M Chand, S Hazra, N Nehra, R Cosmic, A Ranadive, ...
Physical Review Applied 7 (5), 054025, 2017
Fractional Spin Textures in the Frustrated Magnet
A Sen, K Damle, R Moessner
Physical Review Letters 106 (12), 127203, 2011
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