Eric de Sturler
Eric de Sturler
Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech
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Parameterization of faceted surfaces for meshing using angle-based flattening
A Sheffer, E de Sturler
Engineering with computers 17 (3), 326-337, 2001
Recycling Krylov subspaces for sequences of linear systems
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Optimizing the distribution of resources between enzymes of carbon metabolism can dramatically increase photosynthetic rate: a numerical simulation using an evolutionary algorithm
XG Zhu, E De Sturler, SP Long
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Chlorophyll a fluorescence induction kinetics in leaves predicted from a model describing each discrete step of excitation energy and electron transfer associated
SPL Xin-Guang Zhu, Govindjee, Neil R Baker, Eric de Sturler, Donald R Ort
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Reducing the effect of global communication in GMRES (m) and CG on parallel distributed memory computers
E De Sturler, HA van der Vorst
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Truncation strategies for optimal Krylov subspace methods
E De Sturler
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Nested Krylov methods based on GCR
E de Sturler
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 67 (1), 15-41, 1996
Adaptive load balancing for MPI programs
M Bhandarkar, LV Kalé, E de Sturler, J Hoeflinger
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Optimal interface conditions for domain decomposition methods
F Nataf, F Rogier, E de Sturler
tech. report, CMAP (Ecole Polytechnique), 1994. 2051, 1994
Optimal interface conditions for domain decomposition methods
F Nataf, F Rogier, E de Sturler
Surface parameterization for meshing by triangulation flattening
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Recycling subspace information for diffuse optical tomography
ME Kilmer, E De Sturler
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Optimizing large parameter sets in variational quantum Monte Carlo
E Neuscamman, CJ Umrigar, GKL Chan
Physical Review B 85 (4), 045103, 2012
Block-diagonal and constraint preconditioners for nonsymmetric indefinite linear systems. Part I: Theory
E de Sturler, J Liesen
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 26 (5), 1598-1619, 2005
A parallel variant of GMRES (m)
E de Sturler
Proceedings of the 13th IMACS World Congress on Computational and Applied …, 1991
Smoothing an overlay grid to minimize linear distortion in texture mapping
A Sheffer, E De Sturler
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 21 (4), 874-890, 2002
Recycling BiCG with an application to model reduction
K Ahuja, E De Sturler, S Gugercin, ER Chang
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 34 (4), A1925-A1949, 2012
Nested Krylov methods and preserving the orthogonality
E Desturler, DR Fokkema
Preconditioners for generalized saddle-point problems
C Siefert, E De Sturler
SIAM journal on numerical analysis 44 (3), 1275-1296, 2006
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