Eric J Amis
Eric J Amis
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A buckling-based metrology for measuring the elastic moduli of polymeric thin films
CM Stafford, C Harrison, KL Beers, A Karim, EJ Amis, ...
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Dendrimer templates for the formation of gold nanoclusters
F Gröhn, BJ Bauer, YA Akpalu, CL Jackson, EJ Amis
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High-throughput investigation of osteoblast response to polymer crystallinity: influence of nanometer-scale roughness on proliferation
NR Washburn, KM Yamada, CG Simon Jr, SB Kennedy, EJ Amis
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A SAXS study of the internal structure of dendritic polymer systems
TJ Prosa, BJ Bauer, EJ Amis, DA Tomalia, R Scherrenberg
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CL Jackson, HD Chanzy, FP Booy, BJ Drake, DA Tomalia, BJ Bauer, ...
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Combinatorial screen of the effect of surface energy on fibronectin-mediated osteoblast adhesion, spreading and proliferation
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Combinatorial materials science for polymer thin-film dewetting
JC Meredith, AP Smith, A Karim, EJ Amis
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Microfluidic platform for the generation of organic-phase microreactors
ZT Cygan, JT Cabral, KL Beers, EJ Amis
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High-throughput measurement of polymer blend phase behavior
JC Meredith, A Karim, EJ Amis
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M Sedlák, EJ Amis
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Suppression of dewetting in nanoparticle-filled polymer films
KA Barnes, A Karim, JF Douglas, AI Nakatani, H Gruell, EJ Amis
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Macromolecules at surfaces: Research challenges and opportunities from tribology to biology
S Granick, SK Kumar, EJ Amis, M Antonietti, AC Balazs, AK Chakraborty, ...
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Combinatorial characterization of cell interactions with polymer surfaces
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Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2003
From stars to spheres: A SAXS analysis of dilute dendrimer solutions
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Effect of solvent quality on the molecular dimensions of PAMAM dendrimers
A Topp, BJ Bauer, DA Tomalia, EJ Amis
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Influence of counterion valency on the scattering properties of highly charged polyelectrolyte solutions
Y Zhang, JF Douglas, BD Ermi, EJ Amis
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Phase separation of ultrathin polymer-blend films on patterned substrates
A Karim, JF Douglas, BP Lee, SC Glotzer, JA Rogers, RJ Jackman, ...
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BD Ermi, EJ Amis
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Self-diffusion in solutions of polystyrene in tetrahydrofuran: Comparison of concentration dependences of the diffusion coefficients of polymer, solvent, and a ternary probe …
ED Von Meerwall, EJ Amis, JD Ferry
Macromolecules 18 (2), 260-266, 1985
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