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SpeechBERT: An Audio-and-text Jointly Learned Language Model for End-to-end Spoken Question Answering
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Lifelong Language Knowledge Distillation
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Investigating the reordering capability in CTC-based non-autoregressive end-to-end speech translation
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Mitigating Biases in Toxic Language Detection through Invariant Rationalization
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What makes multilingual BERT multilingual?
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Dual Inference for Improving Language Understanding and Generation
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YS Chuang
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Towards Understanding of Medical Randomized Controlled Trials by Conclusion Generation
ATW Shieh, YS Chuang, SY Su, YN Chen
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On the Interplay between Sparsity, Naturalness, Intelligibility, and Prosody in Speech Synthesis
CIJ Lai, E Cooper, Y Zhang, S Chang, K Qian, YL Liao, YS Chuang, ...
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Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for …, 2022
DUAL: Textless Spoken Question Answering with Speech Discrete Unit Adaptive Learning
GT Lin, YS Chuang, HL Chung, S Yang, HJ Chen, SW Li, A Mohamed, ...
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Meta-learning for downstream aware and agnostic pretraining
H Luo, S Dong, YS Chuang, SW Li
Meta Learning and Its Applications to Natural Language Processing workshop …, 2021
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