Fabien Léonard
Fabien Léonard
Industrial Liaison Engineer, ESRF - The European Synchrotron
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XCT analysis of the influence of melt strategies on defect population in Ti–6Al–4V components manufactured by Selective Electron Beam Melting
S Tammas-Williams, H Zhao, F Léonard, F Derguti, I Todd, PB Prangnell
Materials Characterization 102, 47-61, 2015
The effect of defects on the mechanical response of Ti-6Al-4V cubic lattice structures fabricated by electron beam melting
E Hernández-Nava, CJ Smith, F Derguti, S Tammas-Williams, F Léonard, ...
Acta Materialia 108, 279-292, 2016
The effect of density and feature size on mechanical properties of isostructural metallic foams produced by additive manufacturing
E Hernández-Nava, CJ Smith, F Derguti, S Tammas-Williams, F Léonard, ...
Acta Materialia 85, 387-395, 2015
The quantification of impact damage distribution in composite laminates by analysis of X-ray computed tomograms
F Léonard, J Stein, C Soutis, PJ Withers
Composites Science and Technology 152, 139-148, 2017
Enabling the 3D printing of metal components in µ‐gravity
A Zocca, J Lüchtenborg, T Mühler, J Wilbig, G Mohr, T Villatte, F Léonard, ...
Advanced Materials Technologies 4 (10), 1900506, 2019
Combined mechanical and 3D-microstructural analysis of strain-hardening cement-based composites (SHCC) by in-situ X-ray microtomography
R Lorenzoni, I Curosu, F Léonard, S Paciornik, V Mechtcherine, FA Silva, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 136, 106139, 2020
Assessment by X-ray CT of the effects of geometry and build direction on defects in titanium ALM parts
F Léonard, S Tammas-Williams, PB Prangnell, I Todd, PJ Withers
A multi-scale correlative investigation of ductile fracture
M Daly, TL Burnett, EJ Pickering, OCG Tuck, F Léonard, R Kelley, ...
Acta Materialia 130, 56-68, 2017
In vivo XCT bone characterization of lattice structured implants fabricated by additive manufacturing
AF Obaton, J Fain, M Djemaï, D Meinel, F Léonard, E Mahé, B Lécuelle, ...
Heliyon 3 (8), 2017
The impact of post manufacturing treatment of functionally graded Ti6Al4V scaffolds on their surface morphology and mechanical strength
D Khrapov, A Koptyug, K Manabaev, F Léonard, T Mishurova, G Bruno, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (2), 1866-1881, 2020
A new method of performance verification for x-ray computed tomography measurements
F Léonard, SB Brown, PJ Withers, PM Mummery, MB McCarthy
Measurement Science and Technology 25 (6), 065401, 2014
Time-dependent in situ measurement of atmospheric corrosion rates of duplex stainless steel wires
C Örnek, F Léonard, SA McDonald, A Prajapati, PJ Withers, DL Engelberg
npj Materials Degradation 2 (1), 10, 2018
Experimental determination and numerical simulation of material and damage behaviour of 3D printed polyamide 12 under cyclic loading
D Schob, I Sagradov, R Roszak, H Sparr, R Franke, M Ziegenhorn, ...
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 229, 106841, 2020
CT for additive manufacturing process characterisation: assessment of melt strategies on defect population
F Léonard, S Tammas-Williams, I Todd
6th conference on industrial computed tomography, 9-12, 2016
Experimental determination and numerical simulation of material and damage behaviour of 3D printed polyamide 12 under quasi-static loading
D Schob, R Roszak, I Sagradov, H Sparr, M Ziegenhorn, A Kupsch, ...
Arch. Mech 71 (4-5), 507-526, 2019
Thermal characterisation of ceramic/metal joining techniques for fusion applications using X-ray tomography
LM Evans, L Margetts, V Casalegno, F Leonard, T Lowe, PD Lee, ...
Fusion Engineering and Design 89 (6), 826-836, 2014
3D characterisation of void distribution in resin film infused composites
F Léonard, J Stein, A Wilkinson, P Withers
Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, 2012
Digital twin of a laser flash experiment helps to assess the thermal performance of metal foams
A Lunev, A Lauerer, V Zborovskii, F Léonard
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 181, 107743, 2022
X-ray tomography characterisation of lattice structures processed by selective electron beam melting
E Hernández-Nava, S Tammas-Williams, C Smith, F Leonard, PJ Withers, ...
Metals 7 (8), 300, 2017
Impact damage characterisation of fibre metal laminates by X-ray computed tomography
F Léonard, Y Shi, C Soutis, PJ Withers, C Pinna
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