Srecko Gajovic
Srecko Gajovic
University of Zagreb School of Medicine
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Regulated splicing of the fibronectin EDA exon is essential for proper skin wound healing and normal lifespan
AF Muro, AK Chauhan, S Gajovic, A Iaconcig, F Porro, G Stanta, ...
The Journal of cell biology 162 (1), 149-160, 2003
Concepts and definitions of health and health-related values in the knowledge landscapes of the digital society
AL Svalastog, D Donev, NJ Kristoffersen, S Gajović
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A Recent Evolutionary Change Affects a Regulatory Element in the Human FOXP2 Gene
T Maricic, V Günther, O Georgiev, S Gehre, M Ćurlin, C Schreiweis, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 30 (4), 844-852, 2013
Face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic: a simple protection tool with many meanings
L Martinelli, V Kopilaš, M Vidmar, C Heavin, H Machado, Z Todorović, ...
Frontiers in public health 8, 606635, 2021
Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles: Synthesis by Thermal Decomposition of Iron(III) Glucuronate and Application in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Mutations in a novel gene, NHS, cause the pleiotropic effects of Nance-Horan syndrome, including severe congenital cataract, dental anomalies, and mental retardation
KP Burdon, JD McKay, MM Sale, IM Russell-Eggitt, DA Mackey, MG Wirth, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 73 (5), 1120-1130, 2003
Retinoic acid mediates Pax6 expression during in vitro differentiation of embryonic stem cells
S Gajović, L St‐Onge, Y Yokota, P Gruss
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Toll-like receptor 2 deficiency leads to delayed exacerbation of ischemic injury
I Bohacek, P Cordeau, M Lalancette–Hébert, D Gorup, YC Weng, ...
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Distribution, differentiation, and survival of intravenously administered neural stem cells in a rat model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
D Mitrečić, C Nicaise, S Gajović, R Pochet
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Surface coating affects behavior of metallic nanoparticles in a biological environment
DD Jurašin, M Ćurlin, I Capjak, T Crnković, M Lovrić, M Babič, D Horák, ...
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Oxidative stress response in neural stem cells exposed to different superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
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Sarajevo declaration on integrity and visibility of scholarly publications
I Masic, E Begic, DM Donev, S Gajovic, AY Gasparyan, M Jakovljevic, ...
Croatian Medical Journal 57 (6), 527-530, 2016
Synchrotron inline phase contrast µCT enables detailed virtual histology of embedded soft-tissue samples with and without staining
M Saccomano, J Albers, G Tromba, M Dobrivojević Radmilović, S Gajović, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 25 (4), 1153-1161, 2018
Impact of surface functionalization on the uptake mechanism and toxicity effects of silver nanoparticles in HepG2 cells
LB Ahmed, M Milić, IM Pongrac, AM Marjanović, H Mlinarić, I Pavičić, ...
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Mild spherocytic hereditary elliptocytosis and altered levels of α-and γ-adducins in β-adducin-deficient mice
AF Muro, ML Marro, S Gajovic, F Porro, L Luzzatto, FE Baralle
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 95 (12), 3978-3985, 2000
Increased expression and colocalization of GAP43 and CASP3 after brain ischemic lesion in mouse
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Does surface coating of metallic nanoparticles modulate their interference with in vitro assays?
IV Vrček, I Pavičić, T Crnković, D Jurašin, M Babič, D Horák, M Lovrić, ...
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Physico-chemical characteristics, biocompatibility, and MRI applicability of novel monodisperse PEG-modified magnetic Fe 3 O 4 &SiO 2 core–shell nanoparticles
U Kostiv, V Patsula, M Šlouf, IM Pongrac, S Škokić, MD Radmilović, ...
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Hypertension in β-Adducin–Deficient Mice
ML Marro, OU Scremin, MC Jordan, L Huynh, F Porro, KP Roos, S Gajović, ...
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Neural stem cells from mouse strain Thy1 YFP-16 are a valuable tool to monitor and evaluate neuronal differentiation and morphology
I Alić, N Kosi, K Kapuralin, D Gorup, S Gajović, R Pochet, D Mitrečić
Neuroscience letters 634, 32-41, 2016
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