Cory Miller
Cory Miller
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Language discrimination by human newborns and by cotton-top tamarin monkeys
F Ramus, MD Hauser, C Miller, D Morris, J Mehler
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Brains, genes, and primates
JCI Belmonte, EM Callaway, SJ Caddick, P Churchland, G Feng, ...
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Receiver psychology turns 20: is it time for a broader approach?
CT Miller, MA Bee
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Language evolution: Loquacious monkey brains?
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Cotton‐top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) fail to show mirror‐guided self‐exploration
MD Hauser, CT Miller, K Liu, R Gupta
American Journal of Primatology: Official Journal of the American Society of …, 2001
Prey plumage adaptation against falcon attack
A Palleroni, CT Miller, M Hauser, P Marler
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C Miller, A DiMauro
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Responses of primate frontal cortex neurons during natural vocal communication
CT Miller, AW Thomas, SU Nummela, LA de la Mothe
Journal of neurophysiology 114 (2), 1158-1171, 2015
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