Meng Cheng (程蒙)
Meng Cheng (程蒙)
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Yale University
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Symmetry fractionalization, defects, and gauging of topological phases
M Barkeshli, P Bonderson, M Cheng, Z Wang
Physical Review B 100 (11), 115147, 2019
Superconducting proximity effect on the edge of fractional topological insulators
M Cheng
Physical Review B 86 (19), 195126, 2012
Splitting of Majorana-Fermion Modes due to Intervortex Tunneling in a p_ {x}+ ip_ {y} Superconductor
M Cheng, RM Lutchyn, V Galitski, S Das Sarma
Physical review letters 103 (10), 107001, 2009
Translational symmetry and microscopic constraints on symmetry-enriched topological phases: a view from the surface
M Cheng, M Zaletel, M Barkeshli, A Vishwanath, P Bonderson
Physical Review X 6 (4), 041068, 2016
Majorana edge states in interacting two-chain ladders of fermions
M Cheng, HH Tu
Physical Review B 84 (9), 094503, 2011
Helical order in one-dimensional magnetic atom chains and possible emergence of Majorana bound states
Y Kim, M Cheng, B Bauer, RM Lutchyn, S Das Sarma
Physical Review B 90 (6), 060401, 2014
Manipulating Topological Edge Spins in a One-Dimensional Optical Lattice
XJ Liu, ZX Liu, M Cheng
Physical Review Letters 110 (7), 076401, 2013
Tunneling of anyonic Majorana excitations in topological superconductors
M Cheng, RM Lutchyn, V Galitski, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 82 (9), 094504, 2010
Interplay between Kondo and Majorana interactions in quantum dots
M Cheng, M Becker, B Bauer, RM Lutchyn
Physical Review X 4 (3), 031051, 2014
Probing Majorana physics in quantum-dot shot-noise experiments
DE Liu, M Cheng, RM Lutchyn
Physical Review B 91 (8), 081405, 2015
Nonadiabatic effects in the braiding of non-Abelian anyons in topological superconductors
M Cheng, V Galitski, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 84 (10), 104529, 2011
Exactly solvable models for symmetry-enriched topological phases
M Cheng, ZC Gu, S Jiang, Y Qi
Physical Review B 96 (11), 115107, 2017
Classification of symmetry-protected phases for interacting fermions in two dimensions
M Cheng, Z Bi, YZ You, ZC Gu
Physical Review B 97 (20), 205109, 2018
Topological protection of Majorana qubits
M Cheng, RM Lutchyn, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 85 (16), 165124, 2012
Reflection and time reversal symmetry enriched topological phases of matter: path integrals, non-orientable manifolds, and anomalies
M Barkeshli, P Bonderson, M Cheng, CM Jian, K Walker
Communications in Mathematical Physics, 1-104, 2016
Bulk-edge correspondence in (2+ 1)-dimensional Abelian topological phases
J Cano, M Cheng, M Mulligan, C Nayak, E Plamadeala, J Yard
Physical Review B 89 (11), 115116, 2014
The Nature and Correction of Diabatic Errors in Anyon Braiding
C Knapp, M Zaletel, DE Liu, M Cheng, P Bonderson, C Nayak
Physical Review X 6 (4), 041003, 2016
Fractonic matter in symmetry-enriched gauge theory
DJ Williamson, Z Bi, M Cheng
Physical Review B 100 (12), 125150, 2019
Scaling of entanglement entropy at deconfined quantum criticality
J Zhao, YC Wang, Z Yan, M Cheng, ZY Meng
Physical Review Letters 128 (1), 010601, 2022
Spurious topological entanglement entropy from subsystem symmetries
DJ Williamson, A Dua, M Cheng
Physical review letters 122 (14), 140506, 2019
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