Jose Ramon Bayascas
Jose Ramon Bayascas
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LKB1-dependent signaling pathways
DR Alessi, K Sakamoto, JR Bayascas
Annu. Rev. Biochem. 75, 137-163, 2006
Regulation of Akt/PKB Ser473 phosphorylation
JR Bayascas, DR Alessi
Molecular cell 18 (2), 143-145, 2005
Receptors of the glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor family of neurotrophic factors signal cell survival through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway in spinal …
RM Soler, X Dolcet, M Encinas, J Egea, JR Bayascas, JX Comella
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Hypomorphic mutation of PDK1 suppresses tumorigenesis in PTEN+/− mice
JR Bayascas, NR Leslie, R Parsons, S Fleming, DR Alessi
Current Biology 15 (20), 1839-1846, 2005
Mutation of the PDK1 PH domain inhibits protein kinase B/Akt, leading to small size and insulin resistance
JR Bayascas, S Wullschleger, K Sakamoto, JM Garcia-Martinez, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 28 (10), 3258-3272, 2008
PDK1: the major transducer of PI 3-kinase actions
JR Bayascas
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase in Health and Disease: Volume 1, 9-29, 2011
Dissecting the role of the 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1) signalling pathways
JR Bayascas
Cell Cycle 7 (19), 2978-2982, 2008
The contribution of apoptosis-inducing factor, caspase-activated DNase, and inhibitor of caspase-activated DNase to the nuclear phenotype and DNA degradation during apoptosis
VJ Yuste, I Sánchez-López, C Solé, RS Moubarak, JR Bayascas, X Dolcet, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (42), 35670-35683, 2005
The death receptor antagonist FAIM promotes neurite outgrowth by a mechanism that depends on ERK and NF-κB signaling
C Sole, X Dolcet, MF Segura, H Gutierrez, MT Diaz-Meco, R Gozzelino, ...
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Regeneration and pattern formation in planarians. Cells, molecules and genes
J Bagu a, E Salo, R Romero, J Garcia-Fernandez
Zoological Science 11, 781-781, 1994
High copy number of highly similar mariner-like transposons in planarian (Platyhelminthe): evidence for a trans-phyla horizontal transfer.
J Garcia-Fernandez, JR Bayascas-Ramirez, G Marfany, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 12 (3), 421-431, 1995
Phosphoinositide (3, 4, 5)-triphosphate binding to phosphoinositide-dependent kinase 1 regulates a protein kinase B/Akt signaling threshold that dictates T-cell migration, not …
C Waugh, L Sinclair, D Finlay, JR Bayascas, D Cantrell
Molecular and cellular biology 29 (21), 5952-5962, 2009
The long form of Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule is expressed specifically in neurons and protects them against death receptor-triggered apoptosis
MF Segura, C Sole, M Pascual, RS Moubarak, MJ Perez-Garcia, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (42), 11228-11241, 2007
The absence of oligonucleosomal DNA fragmentation during apoptosis of IMR-5 neuroblastoma cells: disappearance of the caspase-activated DNase
VJ Yuste, JR Bayascas, N Llecha, I Sánchez-López, J Boix, JX Comella
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (25), 22323-22331, 2001
The prevention of the staurosporine‐induced apoptosis by Bcl‐XL, but not by Bcl‐2 or caspase inhibitors, allows the extensive differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells
VJ Yuste, I Sánchez‐López, C Solé, M Encinas, JR Bayascas, J Boix, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 80 (1), 126-139, 2002
Planarian Hox genes: novel patterns of expression during regeneration
JR Bayascas, E Castillo, AM Munoz-Marmol, E Salo
Development 124 (1), 141-148, 1997
The new antitumor drug ABTL0812 inhibits the Akt/mTORC1 axis by upregulating tribbles-3 pseudokinase
T Erazo, M Lorente, A López-Plana, P Muñoz-Guardiola, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 22 (10), 2508-2519, 2016
Activation of the cardiac mTOR/p70S6K pathway by leucine requires PDK1 and correlates with PRAS40 phosphorylation
C Sanchez Canedo, B Demeulder, A Ginion, JR Bayascas, JL Balligand, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 298 (4), E761-E769, 2010
Canonical and Kinase Activity-Independent Mechanisms for Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 5 (ERK5) Nuclear Translocation Require Dissociation of Hsp90 from the ERK5-Cdc37 …
T Erazo, A Moreno, G Ruiz-Babot, A Rodríguez-Asiain, NA Morrice, ...
Molecular and Cellular Biology 33 (8), 1671-1686, 2013
Platyhelminthes have a Hox code differentially activated during regeneration, with genes closely related to those of spiralian protostomes
JR Bayascas, E Castillo, E Saló
Development genes and evolution 208, 467-473, 1998
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