Samuel W. Stull
Samuel W. Stull
The Pennsylvania State University; NIH/NIDA Intramural Research Program
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Stress, craving and mood as predictors of early dropout from opioid agonist therapy
LV Panlilio, SW Stull, WJ Kowalczyk, KA Phillips, JR Schroeder, JW Bertz, ...
Drug and Alcohol Dependence 202, 200-208, 2019
Beyond abstinence and relapse II: momentary relationships between stress, craving, and lapse within clusters of patients with similar patterns of drug use
LV Panlilio, SW Stull, JW Bertz, AJ Burgess-Hull, ST Lanza, BL Curtis, ...
Psychopharmacology 238 (6), 1513-1529, 2021
Beyond abstinence and relapse: cluster analysis of drug-use patterns during treatment as an outcome measure for clinical trials
LV Panlilio, SW Stull, JW Bertz, AJ Burgess-Hull, WJ Kowalczyk, ...
Psychopharmacology 237 (11), 3369-3381, 2020
The chippers, the quitters, and the highly symptomatic: a 12-month longitudinal study of DSM-5 opioid-and cocaine-use problems in a community sample
SW Stull, LV Panlilio, LM Moran, JR Schroeder, JW Bertz, DH Epstein, ...
Addictive behaviors 96, 183-191, 2019
Potential value of the insights and lived experiences of addiction researchers with addiction
SW Stull, KE Smith, NA Vest, DP Effinger, DH Epstein
Journal of Addiction Medicine 16 (2), 135-137, 2022
Associations between simultaneous alcohol and cannabis use and next-day negative affect among young adults: The role of sex and trait anxiety
AN Linden-Carmichael, AK Hochgraf, RM Cloutier, SW Stull, ST Lanza
Addictive behaviors 123, 107082, 2021
Anhedonia and substance use disorders by type, severity, and with mental health disorders
SW Stull, JW Bertz, DH Epstein, BC Bray, ST Lanza
Journal of Addiction Medicine 16 (3), e150-e156, 2006
Being at work improves stress, craving, and mood for people with opioid use disorder: Ecological momentary assessment during a randomized trial of experimental employment in a …
JW Bertz, LV Panlilio, SW Stull, KE Smith, D Reamer, AF Holtyn, F Toegel, ...
Behaviour Research and Therapy 152, 104071, 2022
Quality of life during a randomized trial of a therapeutic-workplace intervention for opioid use disorder: Web-based mobile assessments reveal effects of drug abstinence and …
JW Bertz, KE Smith, LV Panlilio, SW Stull, D Reamer, ML Murville, ...
Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports 1, 100011, 2021
Reward responsiveness in patients with opioid use disorder on opioid agonist treatment: Role of comorbid chronic pain
PH Finan, J Letzen, DH Epstein, CJ Mun, S Stull, WJ Kowalczyk, D Agage, ...
Pain Medicine 22 (9), 2019-2027, 2021
Patient and Clinician Perspectives on Adolescent Opioid Use Disorder Treatment During a Pandemic: One Step Back, but Two Forward?
SW Stull, ER McKnight, AE Bonny
JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting 3 (2), e23463, 2020
I feel good? Anhedonia might not mean “without pleasure” for people treated for opioid use disorder.
SW Stull, JW Bertz, LV Panlilio, WJ Kowalczyk, KA Phillips, LM Moran, ...
Journal of Abnormal Psychology 130 (5), 537, 2021
Estimating the effects of a complex, multidimensional moderator: an example of latent class moderation to examine differential intervention effects of substance use services
BC Bray, EK Layland, SW Stull, SA Vasilenko, ST Lanza
Prevention science, 1-12, 2022
Variability in intensively assessed mood: Systematic sources and factor structure in outpatients with opioid use disorder.
SW Stull, J Mogle, JW Bertz, AJ Burgess-Hull, LV Panlilio, ST Lanza, ...
Psychological Assessment, 2022
Flexibly modeling age trends in the prevalence of co-occurring patterns of substance use and mental health disorders using time-varying effects and latent class analysis
SW Stull, AN Linden-Carmichael, RM Cloutier, AE Bonny, ST Lanza
The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1-9, 2022
7 Time-Varying Effect Modeling to Examine Recovery Outcomes across Four Years
AN Linden-Carmichael, SW Stull, CK Scott, ML Dennis
Dynamic Pathways to Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder: Meaning and Methods, 114, 2021
Immunity to Hepatitis B is Undetectable in the Majority of Adolescents and Young Adults Seeking Outpatient Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
SW Stull, ER McKnight, SC Matson, AE Bonny
Journal of Addiction Medicine 14 (6), e359-e361, 2020
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