PD Dr. med. Daniel Haschtmann
PD Dr. med. Daniel Haschtmann
Schulthess Klinik Zürich
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Vertebral endplate trauma induces disc cell apoptosis and promotes organ degeneration in vitro
D Haschtmann, JV Stoyanov, P Gédet, SJ Ferguson
European spine journal 17, 289-299, 2008
Establishment of a novel intervertebral disc/endplate culture model: analysis of an ex vivo in vitro whole-organ rabbit culture system
D Haschtmann, JV Stoyanov, L Ettinger, LP Nolte, SJ Ferguson
Spine 31 (25), 2918-2925, 2006
Fracture of the vertebral endplates, but not equienergetic impact load, promotes disc degeneration in vitro
S Dudli, D Haschtmann, SJ Ferguson
Journal of Orthopaedic Research 30 (5), 809-816, 2012
Influence of diurnal hyperosmotic loading on the metabolism and matrix gene expression of a whole‐organ intervertebral disc model
D Haschtmann, JV Stoyanov, SJ Ferguson
Journal of orthopaedic research 24 (10), 1957-1966, 2006
The influence of comorbidity on the risks and benefits of spine surgery for degenerative lumbar disorders
AF Mannion, TF Fekete, F Porchet, D Haschtmann, D Jeszenszky, ...
European Spine Journal 23, 66-71, 2014
Severity and pattern of post-traumatic intervertebral disc degeneration depend on the type of injury
S Dudli, SJ Ferguson, D Haschtmann
The Spine Journal 14 (7), 1256-1264, 2014
Adult degenerative scoliosis: comparison of patient-rated outcome after three different surgical treatments
FS Kleinstueck, TF Fekete, D Jeszenszky, D Haschtmann, AF Mannion
European Spine Journal 25, 2649-2656, 2016
Comparative biomechanical investigation of a modular dynamic lumbar stabilization system and the Dynesys system
P Gédet, D Haschtmann, PA Thistlethwaite, SJ Ferguson
European Spine Journal 18, 1504-1511, 2009
What level of pain are patients happy to live with after surgery for lumbar degenerative disorders?
TF Fekete, D Haschtmann, FS Kleinstück, F Porchet, D Jeszenszky, ...
The Spine Journal 16 (4), S12-S18, 2016
Patient-reported outcome of surgical treatment for lumbar spinal epidural lipomatosis
PW Ferlic, AF Mannion, D Jeszenszky, F Porchet, TF Fekete, F Kleinstück, ...
The Spine Journal 16 (11), 1333-1341, 2016
Persistent degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc after burst fracture in an in vitro model mimicking physiological post-traumatic conditions
S Dudli, D Haschtmann, SJ Ferguson
European Spine Journal 24, 1901-1908, 2015
BMP-2 and TGF-β3 do not prevent spontaneous degeneration in rabbit disc explants but induce ossification of the annulus fibrosus
D Haschtmann, SJ Ferguson, JV Stoyanov
European spine journal 21, 1724-1733, 2012
Posterior vertebral column resection in early onset spinal deformities
D Jeszenszky, D Haschtmann, FS Kleinstück, M Sutter, A Eggspühler, ...
European Spine Journal 23, 198-208, 2014
The impact and value of uni-and multimodal intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) on neurological complications during spine surgery: a prospective study of 2728 …
M Sutter, A Eggspuehler, D Jeszenszky, F Kleinstueck, TF Fekete, ...
European Spine Journal 28, 599-610, 2019
Outcome of L5 radiculopathy after reduction and instrumented transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion of high-grade L5–S1 isthmic spondylolisthesis and the role of intraoperative …
RT Schär, M Sutter, AF Mannion, A Eggspühler, D Jeszenszky, TF Fekete, ...
European spine journal 26, 679-690, 2017
Patient-rated outcomes of lumbar fusion in patients with degenerative disease of the lumbar spine: does age matter?
S Marbacher, AF Mannion, JK Burkhardt, RT Schär, F Porchet, ...
Spine 41 (10), 893-900, 2016
How does patient-rated outcome change over time following the surgical treatment of degenerative disorders of the thoracolumbar spine?
TF Fekete, M Loibl, D Jeszenszky, D Haschtmann, P Banczerowski, ...
European spine journal 27, 700-708, 2018
The in vitro effects of dexamethasone, insulin and triiodothyronine on degenerative human intervertebral disc cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions
A Bertolo, L Ettinger, N Aebli, D Haschtmann, M Baur, U Berlemann, ...
European cells & materials eCM 21, 221-229, 2011
A robust and accurate two-stage approach for automatic recovery of distal locking holes in computer-assisted intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures
G Zheng, X Zhang, D Haschtmann, P Gedet, X Dong, LP Nolte
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 27 (2), 171-187, 2008
Leukocytes enhance inflammatory and catabolic degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc after endplate fracture in vitro without infiltrating the disc
S Dudli, DB Boffa, SJ Ferguson, D Haschtmann
Spine 40 (23), 1799-1806, 2015
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