Natasa Kovacic
Natasa Kovacic
Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, University of Zagreb School of Medicine
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Osteoclasts control reactivation of dormant myeloma cells by remodelling the endosteal niche
MA Lawson, MM McDonald, N Kovacic, WH Khoo, RL Terry, J Down, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-15, 2015
Peripheral blood expression profiles of bone morphogenetic proteins, tumor necrosis factor-superfamily molecules, and transcription factor Runx2 could be used as markers of the …
D Grcevic, Z Jajic, N Kovacic, IK LUKIC, V Velagic, F Grubišic, S Ivcevic, ...
The Journal of rheumatology 37 (2), 246-256, 2010
The Fas/Fas ligand system inhibits differentiation of murine osteoblasts but has a limited role in osteoblast and osteoclast apoptosis
N Kovac̆ić, IK Lukić, D Grc̆ević, V Katavić, P Croucher, A Marušić
The Journal of Immunology 178 (6), 3379-3389, 2007
Calculating impact factor: how bibliographical classification of journal items affects the impact factor of large and small journals
R Golubic, M Rudes, N Kovacic, M Marusic, A Marusic
Science and engineering ethics 14 (1), 41-49, 2008
Role of B lymphocytes in new bone formation
A Marusic, D Grcevic, V Katavic, N Kovacic, IK Lukic, I Kalajzic, ...
Laboratory investigation 80 (11), 1761-1774, 2000
Fas receptor is required for estrogen deficiency-induced bone loss in mice
N Kovacic, D Grcevic, V Katavic, IK Lukic, V Grubisic, K Mihovilovic, ...
Laboratory investigation 90 (3), 402-413, 2010
Activated T lymphocytes suppress osteoclastogenesis by diverting early monocyte/macrophage progenitor lineage commitment towards dendritic cell differentiation through down …
D Grčević, IK Lukić, N Kovačić, S Ivčević, V Katavić, A Marušić
Clinical & Experimental Immunology 146 (1), 146-158, 2006
Increased bone mass is a part of the generalized lymphoproliferative disorder phenotype in the mouse
V Katavić, IK Lukić, N Kovačić, D Grčević, JA Lorenzo, A Marušić
The Journal of Immunology 170 (3), 1540-1547, 2003
Induction of osteoclast progenitors in inflammatory conditions: key to bone destruction in arthritis
A Šućur, V Katavić, T Kelava, Z Jajić, N Kovačić, D Grčević
International orthopaedics 38 (9), 1893-1903, 2014
Bone morphogenetic proteins and receptors are over-expressed in bone-marrow cells of multiple myeloma patients and support myeloma cells by inducing ID genes
D Grčević, R Kušec, N Kovačić, A Lukić, IK Lukić, S Ivčević, D Nemet, ...
Leukemia research 34 (6), 742-751, 2010
Author self-citation in medical literature
N Kovačić, A Mišak
Cmaj 170 (13), 1929-1930, 2004
Chemokine signals are crucial for enhanced homing and differentiation of circulating osteoclast progenitor cells
A Sucur, Z Jajic, M Artukovic, MI Matijasevic, B Anic, D Flegar, A Markotic, ...
Arthritis research & therapy 19 (1), 142, 2017
The presence of high mobility group box-1 and soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-products in juvenile idiopathic arthritis and juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus
D Bobek, D Grčević, N Kovačić, IK Lukić, M Jelušić
Pediatric Rheumatology 12 (1), 50, 2014
Alteration of newly induced endochondral bone formation in adult mice without tumour necrosis factor receptor 1
IK Lukić, D Grčević, N Kovačić, V Katavić, S Ivčević, I Kalajzić, A Marušić
Clinical & Experimental Immunology 139 (2), 236-244, 2005
Association of systemic and intra-articular osteoclastogenic potential, pro-inflammatory mediators and disease activity with the form of inflammatory arthritis
M Ikić, Z Jajić, E Lazić, S Ivčević, F Grubišić, A Marušić, N Kovačić, ...
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Osteoimmunology: interactions of the immune and skeletal systems
J Lorenzo, M Horowitz, Y Choi, H Takayanagi, G Schett
Academic Press, 2015
Immunohistological and flow cytometric analysis of glycosphingolipid expression in mouse lymphoid tissues
N Kovacic, J Müthing, A Marusic
Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry 48 (12), 1677-1689, 2000
Signaling between tumor cells and the host bone marrow microenvironment
N Kovacic, PI Croucher, MM McDonald
Calcified tissue international 94 (1), 125-139, 2014
Damage-associated molecular patterns-emerging targets for biologic therapy of childhood arthritides
IK Lukic, M Jelusic-Drazic, N Kovacic, D Grcevic
Inflammation & Allergy-Drug Targets (Formerly Current Drug Targets …, 2009
Citation analysis of the Croatian Medical Journal: the first 15 years
N Kovačić
Croatian medical journal 49 (1), 12-17, 2008
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