Ali Saleh Alshomrani
Ali Saleh Alshomrani
Associate Professor of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University
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Comparison and analysis of the Atangana–Baleanu and Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivatives for generalized Casson fluid model with heat generation and chemical reaction
NA Sheikh, F Ali, M Saqib, I Khan, SAA Jan, AS Alshomrani, MS Alghamdi
Results in physics 7, 789-800, 2017
Magnetohydrodynamic nanoliquid thin film sprayed on a stretching cylinder with heat transfer
NS Khan, T Gul, S Islam, I Khan, AM Alqahtani, AS Alshomrani
Applied Sciences 7 (3), 271, 2017
Optical soliton perturbation for Radhakrishnan–Kundu–Lakshmanan equation with a couple of integration schemes
A Biswas, Y Yildirim, E Yasar, MF Mahmood, AS Alshomrani, Q Zhou, ...
Optik 163, 126-136, 2018
Non-linear radiative flow of three-dimensional Burgers nanofluid with new mass flux effect
M Khan, WA Khan, AS Alshomrani
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 101, 570-576, 2016
Impact of chemical processes on magneto nanoparticle for the generalized Burgers fluid
WA Khan, M Irfan, M Khan, AS Alshomrani, AK Alzahrani, MS Alghamdi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 234, 201-208, 2017
Optical soliton perturbation for complex Ginzburg–Landau equation with modified simple equation method
A Biswas, Y Yildirim, E Yasar, H Triki, AS Alshomrani, MZ Ullah, Q Zhou, ...
Optik 158, 399-415, 2018
Optical soliton perturbation with full nonlinearity for Kundu–Eckhaus equation by modified simple equation method
A Biswas, Y Yildirim, E Yasar, H Triki, AS Alshomrani, MZ Ullah, Q Zhou, ...
Optik 157, 1376-1380, 2018
A new modeling for 3D Carreau fluid flow considering nonlinear thermal radiation
M Khan, M Irfan, WA Khan, AS Alshomrani
Results in physics 7, 2692-2704, 2017
Hybrid nanofluid flow in a Darcy-Forchheimer permeable medium over a flat plate due to solar radiation
AK Alzahrani, MZ Ullah, AS Alshomrani, T Gul
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 26, 100955, 2021
On multiple solutions of non-Newtonian Carreau fluid flow over an inclined shrinking sheet
M Khan, H Sardar, MM Gulzar, AS Alshomrani
Results in physics 8, 926-932, 2018
Effects of melting and heat generation/absorption on unsteady Falkner-Skan flow of Carreau nanofluid over a wedge
M Khan, M Azam, AS Alshomrani
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 110, 437-446, 2017
Impact of autocatalysis chemical reaction on nonlinear radiative heat transfer of unsteady three-dimensional Eyring–Powell magneto-nanofluid flow
WA Khan, AS Alshomrani, AK Alzahrani, M Khan, M Irfan
Pramana 91, 1-9, 2018
Mathematical modeling for novel coronavirus (COVID‐19) and control
MS Alqarni, M Alghamdi, T Muhammad, AS Alshomrani, MA Khan
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 38 (4), 760-776, 2022
New insights into the dynamics of alumina-(60% ethylene glycol+ 40% water) over an isothermal stretching sheet using a renovated Buongiorno's approach: A numerical GDQLLM analysis
A Wakif, M Zaydan, AS Alshomrani, T Muhammad, R Sehaqui
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 133, 105937, 2022
Impact of chemical processes on 3D Burgers fluid utilizing Cattaneo-Christov double-diffusion: applications of non-Fourier's heat and non-Fick's mass flux models
WA Khan, M Khan, AS Alshomrani
Journal of Molecular Liquids 223, 1039-1047, 2016
Optical solitons with Kudryashov’s equation by extended trial function
A Biswas, M Ekici, A Sonmezoglu, AS Alshomrani, MR Belic
Optik 202, 163290, 2020
Assessment on characteristics of heterogeneous-homogenous processes in three-dimensional flow of Burgers fluid
WA Khan, AS Alshomrani, M Khan
Results in Physics 6, 772-779, 2016
Magnetic field effect on Poiseuille flow and heat transfer of carbon nanotubes along a vertical channel filled with Casson fluid
S Aman, I Khan, Z Ismail, MZ Salleh, AS Alshomrani, MS Alghamdi
AIP Advances 7 (1), 2017
Optical solitons with Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel model by modified extended direct algebraic method
MB Hubert, G Betchewe, M Justin, SY Doka, KT Crepin, A Biswas, Q Zhou, ...
Optik 162, 228-236, 2018
Characteristics of melting heat transfer during flow of Carreau fluid induced by a stretching cylinder
Hashim, M Khan, A Saleh Alshomrani
The European Physical Journal E 40, 1-9, 2017
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