O. P. Ishchuk
O. P. Ishchuk
Researcher, Systems and Synthetic Biology, Chalmers University of Technology
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Parallel evolution of the make–accumulate–consume strategy in Saccharomyces and Dekkera yeasts
E Rozpędowska, L Hellborg, OP Ishchuk, F Orhan, S Galafassi, A Merico, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 302, 2011
The wine and beer yeast Dekkera bruxellensis
AJ Schifferdecker, S Dashko, OP Ishchuk, J Piškur
Yeast 31 (9), 323-332, 2014
The genome of wine yeast Dekkera bruxellensis provides a tool to explore its food-related properties
J Piškur, Z Ling, M Marcet-Houben, OP Ishchuk, A Aerts, K LaButti, ...
International journal of food microbiology 157 (2), 202-209, 2012
Overexpression of pyruvate decarboxylase in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha results in increased ethanol yield in high-temperature fermentation of xylose
OP Ishchuk, AY Voronovsky, OV Stasyk, GZ Gayda, MV Gonchar, ...
FEMS yeast research 8 (7), 1164-1174, 2008
Genome structure and dynamics of the yeast pathogen Candida glabrata
KM Ahmad, J Kokošar, X Guo, Z Gu, OP Ishchuk, J Piškur
FEMS yeast research 14 (4), 529-535, 2014
Construction of Hansenula polymorpha strains with improved thermotolerance
OP Ishchuk, AY Voronovsky, CA Abbas, AA Sibirny
Biotechnology and bioengineering 104 (5), 911-919, 2009
Overexpression of bacterial xylose isomerase and yeast host xylulokinase improves xylose alcoholic fermentation in the thermotolerant yeast Hansenula polymorpha
OV Dmytruk, AY Voronovsky, CA Abbas, KV Dmytruk, OP Ishchuk, ...
FEMS yeast research 8 (1), 165-173, 2008
Expression of xylA genes encoding xylose isomerases from Escherichia coli and Streptomyces coelicolor in the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha
AY Voronovsky, OB Ryabova, OV Verba, OP Ishchuk, KV Dmytruk, ...
FEMS yeast research 5 (11), 1055-1062, 2005
Small chromosomes among Danish Candida glabrata isolates originated through different mechanisms
KM Ahmad, OP Ishchuk, L Hellborg, G Jørgensen, M Skvarc, J Stenderup, ...
Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 104, 111-122, 2013
Production of flavin mononucleotide by metabolically engineered yeast Candida famata
VY Yatsyshyn, OP Ishchuk, AY Voronovsky, DV Fedorovych, AA Sibirny
Metabolic engineering 11 (3), 163-167, 2009
Candida famata (Debaryomyces hansenii) DNA sequences containing genes involved in riboflavin synthesis
AY Voronovsky, CA Abbas, KV Dmytruk, OP Ishchuk, BV Kshanovska, ...
Yeast 21 (15), 1307-1316, 2004
Heterologous expression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae MPR1 gene confers tolerance to ethanol and l-azetidine-2-carboxylic acid in Hansenula polymorpha
OP Ishchuk, CA Abbas, AA Sibirny
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 37 (2), 213-218, 2010
Development of a promoter assay system for the flavinogenic yeast Candida famata based on the Kluyveromyces lactis β-galactosidase LAC4 reporter gene
OP Ishchuk, KV Dmytruk, OV Rohulya, AY Voronovsky, CA Abbas, ...
Enzyme and microbial technology 42 (3), 208-215, 2008
Novel Centromeric Loci of the Wine and Beer Yeast Dekkera bruxellensis CEN1 and CEN2
OP Ishchuk, TV Zeljko, AJ Schifferdecker, SM Wisén, ÅK Hagström, ...
PLoS ONE 11, 1-25, 2016
Alcohol dehydrogenase gene ADH3 activates glucose alcoholic fermentation in genetically engineered Dekkera bruxellensis yeast
AJ Schifferdecker, J Siurkus, MR Andersen, D Joerck-Ramberg, Z Ling, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 100, 3219-3231, 2016
Genome-scale modeling drives 70-fold improvement of intracellular heme production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
OP Ishchuk, I Domenzain, BJ Sánchez, F Muñiz-Paredes, JL Martínez, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (30), e2108245119, 2022
Improved production of human hemoglobin in yeast by engineering hemoglobin degradation
OP Ishchuk, AT Frost, F Muñiz-Paredes, S Matsumoto, N Laforge, ...
Metabolic Engineering 66, 259-267, 2021
Understand the genomic diversity and evolution of fungal pathogen Candida glabrata by genome-wide analysis of genetic variations
X Guo, R Zhang, Y Li, Z Wang, OP Ishchuk, KM Ahmad, J Wee, J Piskur, ...
Methods 176, 82-90, 2020
Alcoholic xylose fermentation at high temperatures by the thermotolerant yeast Hansenula polymorpha
CA Abbas, AA Sibirny, AY Voronovsky, OP Ishchuk
US Patent 8,323,952, 2012
Improvement of thermotolerance in Lachancea thermotolerans using a bacterial selection pressure
N Zhou, OP Ishchuk, W Knecht, C Compagno, J Piškur
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 46 (2), 133-145, 2019
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