István Fórizs
István Fórizs
Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences
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Normalization of measured stable isotopic compositions to isotope reference scales–a review
D Paul, G Skrzypek, I Fórizs
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry: An International Journal Devoted …, 2007
Stable isotope geochemical study of Pamukkale travertines: new evidences of low-temperature non-equilibrium calcite-water fractionation
S Kele, M Özkul, I Fórizs, A Gökgöz, MO Baykara, MC Alçiçek, T Németh
Sedimentary Geology 238 (1-2), 191-212, 2011
Microbial processes and the origin of the Úrkút manganese deposit, Hungary
M Polgári, JR Hein, T Vigh, M Szabó-Drubina, I Fórizs, L Bíró, A Müller, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 47, 87-109, 2012
Composition, diagenetic and post-diagenetic alterations of a possible radioactive waste repository site: the Boda Albitic Claystone Formation, southern Hungary
P Arkai, K Balogh, A Demény, I Fórizs, G Nagy, Z Máthé
Acta Geologica Hungarica 43 (4), 351-378, 2000
Occurrence of Th, U, Y, Zr, and REE-bearing accessory minerals in late-Variscan granitic rocks from the Sierra de Guadarrama (Spain).
R Casillas, G Nagy, G Pantos, J Brändle, I Forizs
European Journal of Mineralogy, 989-1006, 1995
A 13,600-year diatom oxygen isotope record from the South Carpathians (Romania): Reflection of winter conditions and possible links with North Atlantic circulation changes
EK Magyari, A Demény, K Buczkó, Z Kern, T Vennemann, I Fórizs, ...
Quaternary International 293, 136-149, 2013
Glaciochemical investigations of the ice deposit of Vukušić Ice cave, Velebit Mountain, Croatia
Z Kern, E Széles, N Horvatinčić, I Fórizs, N Bočić, B Nagy
The Cryosphere 5 (2), 485-494, 2011
Origin of shallow groundwater of Csepel Island (south of Budapest, Hungary, River Danube): isotopic and chemical approach
I Fórizs, T Berecz, Z Molnar, M Süveges
Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 19 (17), 3299-3312, 2005
Isotope hydrological studies of the perennial ice deposit of Saarhalle, Mammuthöhle, Dachstein Mts, Austria
Z Kern, I Fórizs, R Pavuza, M Molnár, B Nagy
The Cryosphere 5 (1), 291-298, 2011
Late Holocene environmental changes recorded at Getharul de la Focul Viu Ice Cave, Bihor Mountains, Romania
Z Kern, I Fórizs, B Nagy, M Kázmér, A Gál, Z Szánto, L Palcsu, M Molnár
Theoretical and Applied Karstology 17, 51-60, 2004
Environmental isotopes study on perennial ice in the Focul Viu ice cave, Bihor Mountains, Romania
I Fórizs, Z Kern, Z Szántó, B Nagy, L Palcsu, M Molnár
Theor. Appl. Karstol 17, 61-69, 2004
Isotopic ‘altitude’and ‘continental’effects in modern precipitation across the Adriatic–Pannonian Region
Z Kern, IG Hatvani, G Czuppon, I Fórizs, D Erdélyi, T Kanduč, L Palcsu, ...
Water 12 (6), 1797, 2020
Climatic variability in the Late Copper Age: stable isotope fluctuation of prehistoric Unio pictorum (Unionidae) shells from Lake Balaton (Hungary)
G Schöll-Barna, A Demény, G Serlegi, S Fábián, P Sümegi, I Fórizs, ...
Journal of Paleolimnology 47, 87-100, 2012
Stable isotope and chemical compositions of carbonate ocelli and veins in Mesozoic lamprophyres of Hungary
A Demeny, I Forizs, F Molnar
European Journal of Mineralogy-Ohne Beihefte 6 (5), 679-690, 1994
H2O‐δD‐FeIII relations of dehydrogenation and dehydration processes in magmatic amphiboles
A Demény, TW Vennemann, S Harangi, Z Homonnay, I Fórizs
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 20 (5), 919-925, 2006
Introductory Editorial Thematic Issue:“Mineral and thermal waters”
A Porowski, N Rman, I Fórizs, J LaMoreaux
Environmental Earth Sciences 78, 1-2, 2019
Mercury anomalies and carbon isotope excursions in the western Tethyan Csővár section support the link between CAMP volcanism and the end-Triassic extinction
EB Kovács, M Ruhl, A Demény, I Fórizs, I Hegyi, ZR Horváth-Kostka, ...
Global and Planetary Change 194, 103291, 2020
Linking silicate weathering to riverine geochemistry—A case study from a mountainous tropical setting in west-central Panama
RS Harmon, G Wörner, ST Goldsmith, BA Harmon, CB Gardner, ...
Bulletin 128 (11-12), 1780-1812, 2016
Effect of systemic subnormal deuterium level on metabolic syndrome related and other blood parameters in humans: A preliminary study
G Somlyai, I Somlyai, I Fórizs, G Czuppon, A Papp, M Molnár
Molecules 25 (6), 1376, 2020
Transit time determination for a riverbank filtration system using oxygen isotope data and the lumped-parameter model
K Kármán, P Maloszewski, J Deák, I Fórizs, C Szabó
Hydrological Sciences Journal 59 (6), 1109-1116, 2014
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