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Giang D. Nguyen
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Site-specific substitutional boron doping of semiconducting armchair graphene nanoribbons
RR Cloke, T Marangoni, GD Nguyen, T Joshi, DJ Rizzo, C Bronner, T Cao, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (28), 8872-8875, 2015
Atomically precise graphene nanoribbon heterojunctions from a single molecular precursor
GD Nguyen, HZ Tsai, AA Omrani, T Marangoni, M Wu, DJ Rizzo, ...
Nature nanotechnology 12 (11), 1077, 2017
Bottom-Up Synthesis of N = 13 Sulfur-Doped Graphene Nanoribbons
GD Nguyen, FM Toma, T Cao, Z Pedramrazi, C Chen, DJ Rizzo, T Joshi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (5), 2684-2687, 2016
Visualization and manipulation of magnetic domains in the quasi-two-dimensional material
GD Nguyen, J Lee, T Berlijn, Q Zou, SM Hus, J Park, Z Gai, C Lee, AP Li
Physical Review B 97 (1), 014425, 2018
3D Imaging and Manipulation of Subsurface Selenium Vacancies in
GD Nguyen, L Liang, Q Zou, M Fu, AD Oyedele, BG Sumpter, Z Liu, Z Gai, ...
Physical Review Letters 121 (8), 086101, 2018
Facile Fabrication of Large‐Area Atomically Thin Membranes by Direct Synthesis of Graphene with Nanoscale Porosity
PR Kidambi, GD Nguyen, S Zhang, Q Chen, J Kong, J Warner, AP Li, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (49), 1804977, 2018
Molecular Self-Assembly in a Poorly Screened Environment: F4TCNQ on Graphene/BN
HZ Tsai, AA Omrani, S Coh, H Oh, S Wickenburg, YW Son, D Wong, ...
ACS nano 9 (12), 12168–12173, 2015
Atomic-scale manipulation and in situ characterization with scanning tunneling microscopy
W Ko, C Ma, GD Nguyen, M Kolmer, AP Li
Advanced Functional Materials 29, 1903770, 2019
Length-Dependent Evolution of Type II Heterojunctions in Bottom-Up-Synthesized Graphene Nanoribbons
DJ Rizzo, M Wu, HZ Tsai, T Marangoni, RA Durr, AA Omrani, F Liou, ...
Nano letters 19 (5), 3221, 2019
Detection of the spin-chemical potential in topological insulators using spin-polarized four-probe STM
SM Hus, XG Zhang, GD Nguyen, W Ko, AP Baddorf, YP Chen, AP Li
Physical Review Letters 119 (13), 137202, 2017
Concentration Dependence of Dopant Electronic Structure in Bottom-Up Graphene Nanoribbons
Z Pedramrazi, C Chen, F Zhao, T Cao, GD Nguyen, A Omrani, HZ Tsai, ...
Nano letters 18 (6), 3550, 2018
Revealing the Local Electronic Structure of a Single-layer Covalent Organic Framework Through Electronic Decoupling
DJ Rizzo, Q Dai, C Bronner, G Veber, BJ Smith, M Matsumoto, S Thomas, ...
Nano Letters 20, 963, 2020
Atomically Precise PdSe2 Pentagonal Nanoribbons
GD Nguyen, AD Oyedele, A Haglund, W Ko, L Liang, AA Puretzky, ...
ACS nano 14, 1951, 2020
Polymer dots with enhanced photostability, quantum yield, and two-photon cross-section using structurally constrained deep-blue fluorophores
DM Mayder, CM Tonge, GD Nguyen, MV Tran, G Tom, GH Darwish, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (41), 16976-16992, 2021
Defects in Highly Anisotropic Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide PdSe2
M Fu, L Liang, Q Zou, GD Nguyen, K Xiao, AP Li, J Kang, Z Wu, Z Gai
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11, 740, 2019
Self-assembly and photomechanical switching of an azobenzene derivative on GaAs (110): scanning tunneling microscopy study
IV Pechenezhskiy, J Cho, GD Nguyen, L Berbil-Bautista, BL Giles, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (1), 1052-1055, 2012
Infrared spectroscopy of molecular submonolayers on surfaces by infrared scanning tunneling microscopy: tetramantane on Au (111)
IV Pechenezhskiy, X Hong, GD Nguyen, JEP Dahl, RMK Carlson, F Wang, ...
Physical Review Letters 111 (12), 126101, 2013
Interlayer magnetism in
X Kong, GD Nguyen, J Lee, C Lee, S Calder, AF May, Z Gai, AP Li, ...
Physical Review Materials 4 (9), 094403, 2020
Access the intrinsic spin transport in topological insulator by controlling the crossover of bulk-to-surface conductance
W Ko, GD Nguyen, H Kim, JS Kim, XG Zhang, AP Li
Physical review letters 121, 176801, 2018
Selective Antisite Defect Formation in WS2 Monolayers via Reactive Growth on Dilute W‐Au Alloy Substrates
K Wang, L Zhang, GD Nguyen, X Sang, C Liu, Y Yu, W Ko, RR Unocic, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (3), 2106674, 2022
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