Dimitar Slavov
Dimitar Slavov
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‘Hot’in plasmonics:: temperature-related concepts and applications of metal nanostructures
C Kuppe, K Rusimova, L Ohnoutek, D Slavov, V Valev
Advanced Optical Materials, 2019
Light-shift suppression in laser optically pumped vapour-cell atomic frequency standards
C Affolderbach, C Andreeva, S Cartaleva, T Karaulanov, G Mileti, ...
Applied Physics B 80, 841-848, 2005
Sub-Doppler spectroscopy of cesium vapor layers with nanometric and micrometric thickness
S Cartaleva, S Saltiel, A Sargsyan, D Sarkisyan, D Slavov, P Todorov, ...
JOSA B 26 (11), 1999-2006, 2009
Coherent population trapping and strong electromagnetically induced transparency resonances on the D1 line of potassium
S Gozzini, S Cartaleva, A Lucchesini, C Marinelli, L Marmugi, D Slavov, ...
The European Physical Journal D 53, 153-161, 2009
On line shape of electromagnetically induced transparency in a multilevel system
S Mitra, MM Hossain, B Ray, PN Ghosh, S Cartaleva, D Slavov
Optics communications 283 (7), 1500-1509, 2010
Improved passive self-injection locking method for spectral control of dye and Ti: Al2O3 lasers using two-step pulse pumping
M Deneva, D Slavov, E Stoykova, M Nenchev
Optics communications 139 (4-6), 287-298, 1997
Ground-state magneto-optical resonances in cesium vapor confined in an extremely thin cell
C Andreeva, A Atvars, M Auzinsh, K Blush, S Cartaleva, L Petrov, ...
Physical Review A 76 (6), 063804, 2007
Sub-natural width N-type resonance in cesium atomic vapour: splitting in magnetic fields
D Slavov, A Sargsyan, D Sarkisyan, R Mirzoyan, A Krasteva, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 47 (3), 035001, 2014
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and optical pumping processes formed in Cs sub-micron thin cell
A Sargsyan, C Leroy, Y Pashayan-Leroy, D Sarkisyan, D Slavov, ...
Optics Communications 285 (8), 2090-2095, 2012
Magneto-optical harmonic susceptometry of superparamagnetic materials
S Vandendriessche, W Brullot, D Slavov, VK Valev, T Verbiest
Applied Physics Letters 102 (16), 161903, 2013
Output control of a ring laser using bi-directional injection: a new approach for unidirectional pulse generation at a reference atomic absorption line
D Slavov, M Deneva, E Stoykova, M Nenchev, R Barbe, JC Keller
Optics communications 157 (1-6), 343-351, 1998
Laser spectroscopy of sub-micrometre-and micrometre-thick caesium-vapour layers
S Cartaleva, A Krasteva, L Moi, A Sargsyan, D Sarkisyan, D Slavov, ...
Quantum Electronics 43 (9), 875, 2013
Investigation of high-contrast velocity selective optical pumping resonance at the cycling transition of Cs using fluorescence technique
S Dey, B Ray, PN Ghosh, S Cartaleva, D Slavov
Optics Communications 356, 378-388, 2015
Observation and theoretical simulation of electromagnetically induced transparency and enhanced velocity selective optical pumping in cesium vapour in a micrometric thickness …
A Krasteva, B Ray, D Slavov, P Todorov, PN Ghosh, S Mitra, S Cartaleva
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 47 (17), 175004, 2014
Dark Hanle resonances from selected segments of the Gaussian laser beam cross-section
AJ Krmpot, SM Ćuk, SN Nikolić, M Radonjić, DG Slavov, BM Jelenković
Optics Express 17 (25), 22491-22498, 2009
Analysis of high efficiency electromagnetically induced transparency in potassium vapor
S Gozzini, D Slavov, S Cartaleva, L Marmugi, A Lucchesini
Acta Physica Polonica A 116 (4), 489-491, 2009
Frequency stability comparison of diode lasers locked to Doppler and sub-Doppler resonances
C Affolderbach, C Andreeva, SS Cartaleva, G Mileti, DG Slavov
Eighth International Conference on Laser and Laser Information Technologies …, 2004
Reducing light-shift effects in optically-pumped gas-cell atomic frequency standards
C Affolderbach, G Mileti, C Andreeva, D Slavov, T Karaulanov, ...
IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and PDA Exhibition Jointly …, 2003
Coherent population trapping for magnetic field measurements
E Alipieva, C Andreeva, L Avramov, G Bevilaqua, V Biancalana, ...
13th International School on Quantum Electronics: Laser Physics and …, 2005
Shape of the coherent-population-trapping resonances registered in fluorescence at different experimental geometries
S Gateva, E Alipieva, V Domelunksen, V Polischuk, E Taskova, D Slavov, ...
15th International School on Quantum Electronics: Laser Physics and …, 2008
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