Corrine F. Elliott
Corrine F. Elliott
Berry Consultants, UC Berkeley
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Derivation, validation, and potential treatment implications of novel clinical phenotypes for sepsis
CW Seymour, JN Kennedy, S Wang, CCH Chang, CF Elliott, Z Xu, S Berry, ...
Jama 321 (20), 2003-2017, 2019
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JD Milshtein, AP Kaur, MD Casselman, JA Kowalski, S Modekrutti, ...
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Inside Cover: A Highly Soluble Organic Catholyte for Non‐Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries (Energy Technol. 5/2015)
AP Kaur, NE Holubowitch, S Ergun, CF Elliott, SA Odom
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A stable two-electron-donating phenothiazine for application in nonaqueous redox flow batteries
JA Kowalski, MD Casselman, AP Kaur, JD Milshtein, CF Elliott, ...
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N‐Substituted Phenothiazine Derivatives: How the Stability of the Neutral and Radical Cation Forms Affects Overcharge Performance in Lithium‐Ion Batteries
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3, 7-Bis (trifluoromethyl)-N-ethylphenothiazine: a redox shuttle with extensive overcharge protection in lithium-ion batteries
A PreetáKaur
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A novel data structure to support ultra-fast taxonomic classification of metagenomic sequences with k-mer signatures
X Liu, Y Yu, J Liu, CF Elliott, C Qian, J Liu
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S Ergun, CF Elliott, AP Kaur, SR Parkin, SA Odom
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rFSA: an R package for finding best subsets and interactions
J Lambert, L Gong, CF Elliott, K Thompson, A Stromberg
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Non-aqueous redox flow batteries including 3, 7-perfluoroalkylated phenothiazine derivatives
SA Odom, AP Kaur, CF Elliott, MD Casselman
US Patent 10,153,510, 2018
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Beyond the Hammett Effect: Using Strain to Alter the Landscape of Electrochemical Potentials
MD Casselman, CF Elliott, S Modekrutti, PL Zhang, SR Parkin, C Risko, ...
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Steric manipulation as a mechanism for tuning the reduction and oxidation potentials of phenothiazines
CF Elliott, KE Fraser, SA Odom, C Risko
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A stable, highly oxidizing radical cation
NH Attanayake, AP Kaur, TM Suduwella, CF Elliott, SR Parkin, SA Odom
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Feasibility as a mechanism for model identification and validation
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PET-CR as a potential surrogate endpoint in untreated DLBCL: meta-analysis and implications for clinical trial design
K Broglio, L Kostakoglu, C Ward, F Mattiello, D Sahin, T Nielsen, ...
Leukemia & Lymphoma 63 (12), 2816-2831, 2022
1, 9, 10-substituted phenothiazine derivatives with strained radical cations and use thereof
SA Odom, C Risko, MD Casselman, CF Elliott, NH Attanayake, ...
US Patent 10,854,911, 2020
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