Dragana Gabrić
Dragana Gabrić
Docent oralne kirurgije, Stomatološki fakultet, Sveučilište u zagrebu
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Antimicrobial efficacy of a high‐power diode laser, photo‐activated disinfection, conventional and sonic activated irrigation during root canal treatment
I Bago, V Plečko, D Gabrić Pandurić, Z Schauperl, A Baraba, I Anić
International endodontic journal 46 (4), 339-347, 2013
The influence of psychological state on oral lichen planus
K Valter, V Vučićević Boras, D Buljan, D Vidović Juras, M Sušić, ...
Acta clinica Croatica 52 (2.), 145-149, 2013
Enamel alteration following tooth bleaching and remineralization
E Coceska, E Gjorgievska, NJ Coleman, D Gabric, IJ Slipper, ...
Journal of microscopy 262 (3), 232-244, 2016
Assessing health-related quality of life outcomes after the surgical removal of a mandibular third molar
D Gabrić Pandurić, J Brozović, M Sušić, D Katanec, K Bego, P Kobler
Collegium antropologicum 33 (2), 437-447, 2009
Comparison of the effectiveness of various rotary and reciprocating systems with different surface treatments to remove gutta‐percha and an epoxy resin‐based sealer from …
I Bago, M Suk, M Katić, D Gabrić, I Anić
International endodontic journal 52 (1), 105-113, 2019
The effectiveness of acupuncture versus clonazepam in patients with burning mouth syndrome
A Jurisic Kvesic, I Zavoreo, V Basic Kes, V Vucicevic Boras, D Ciliga, ...
Acupuncture in Medicine 33 (4), 289-292, 2015
Primjena trombocitima obogaćenog fibrina u oralnoj kirurgiji
M Blašković, D Gabrić Pandurić, D Katanec, J Brozović, M Gikić, M Sušić
Medix: specijalizirani medicinski dvomjesečnik 18 (103), 2012
Implant stability comparison of immediate and delayed maxillary implant placement by use of resonance frequency analysis–a clinical study
M Granić, D Katanec, V Vučićević Boras, M Sušić, I Bago Jurič, D Gabrić
Acta Clinica Croatica 54 (1.), 3-8, 2015
Efficacy of Three Different Lasers on Eradication of Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans Biofilms in Root Canal System
S Kasić, M Knezović, N Beader, D Gabrić, AI Malčić, A Baraba
Photomedicine and laser surgery 35 (7), 372-377, 2017
Adverse drug reactions in the oral cavity
VV Boras, A Andabak-Rogulj, V Brailo, SK Šimunković, D Gabrić, ...
Acta Clin Croat 54 (2), 208-215, 2015
Use of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP2) in bilateral alveolar ridge augmentation: case report
D Katanec, M Granić, D Gabrić Pandurić, M Majstorović, Z Trampuš
Collegium antropologicum 38 (1), 325-330, 2014
Push-out bond strength of three different calcium silicate-based root-end filling materials after ultrasonic retrograde cavity preparation
S Kadić, A Baraba, I Miletić, A Ionescu, E Brambilla, AI Malčić, D Gabrić
Clinical oral investigations 22 (3), 1559-1565, 2018
Bone healing following different types of osteotomy: scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and three-dimensional SEM analyses
M Blaskovic, D Gabrić, NJ Coleman, IJ Slipper, M Mladenov, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 22 (6), 1170-1178, 2016
Significance of stroma in biology of oral squamous cell carcinoma
V Vucicevic Boras, A Fucic, M Virag, D Gabric, I Blivajs, ...
Tumori Journal 104 (1), 9-14, 2018
Antimicrobial efficacy of photodynamic therapy and light-activated disinfection on contaminated zirconia implants: An in vitro study
B Azizi, A Budimir, I Bago, B Mehmeti, S Jakovljević, J Kelmendi, ...
Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy 21, 328-333, 2018
The effectiveness of low-level laser therapy in patients with drug-induced hyposalivation: a pilot study
D Terlević Dabić, S Jurišić, V Vučićević Boras, D Gabrić, I Bago, ...
Photomedicine and laser surgery 34 (9), 389-393, 2016
Evaluation of bone healing after osteotomies prepared with Er: YAG laser in contact and noncontact modes and piezosurgery—an animal study
D Gabrić, M Blašković, E Gjorgijevska, M Mladenov, B Tašič, IB Jurič, ...
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 74 (1), 18-28, 2016
Effect of Different Laser Treatments on the Bond Strength of Intracanal Fiber Posts Cemented with a Self‐Adhesive Resin Cement
M Šimundić Munitić, I Bago, K Glockner, L Kqiku, D Gabrić, I Anić
Journal of Prosthodontics 28 (1), e290-e296, 2019
Densitometric Analysis of Dental Implant Placement between Flapless Technique and the Two-Stage Technique–A Pilot Study
D Gabrić Pandurić, D Katanec, M Granić, D Komljenović-Blitva, M Basha, ...
Collegium antropologicum 32 (2), 529-533, 2008
Immediate post‐traumatic upper incisor reconstruction using composite resin materials
V Panduric, D Gabric, V Negovetic‐Mandic
Dental Traumatology 24 (1), 108-111, 2008
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