Sylvain Charron
Sylvain Charron
Paris University
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Motivation and cognitive control in the human prefrontal cortex
F Kouneiher, S Charron, E Koechlin
Nature neuroscience 12 (7), 939-945, 2009
Divided representation of concurrent goals in the human frontal lobes
S Charron, E Koechlin
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S Kouider, B Long, L Le Stanc, S Charron, AC Fievet, LS Barbosa, ...
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S Soize, M Tisserand, S Charron, G Turc, W Ben Hassen, MA Labeyrie, ...
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Tissue no-reflow despite full recanalization following thrombectomy for anterior circulation stroke with proximal occlusion: A clinical study
A Schiphorst, S Charron, WB Hassen, C Provost, O Naggara, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 41 (2), 253-266, 2021
Mechanisms of unexplained neurological deterioration after intravenous thrombolysis
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Intermittent theta burst stimulation over left BA10 enhances virtual reality-based prospective memory in healthy aged subjects
U Debarnot, B Crépon, E Orriols, M Abram, S Charron, S Lion, P Roca, ...
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Does diffusion lesion volume above 70 mL preclude favorable outcome despite post-thrombolysis recanalization?
M Tisserand, G Turc, S Charron, L Legrand, M Edjlali, P Seners, P Roca, ...
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ASPECTS (Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score) assessment of the perfusion–diffusion mismatch
L Lassalle, G Turc, M Tisserand, S Charron, P Roca, S Lion, L Legrand, ...
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Sulcal polymorphisms of the IFC and ACC contribute to inhibitory control variability in children and adults
C Tissier, A Linzarini, G Allaire-Duquette, K Mevel, N Poirel, S Dollfus, ...
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Nonconscious emotional processing involves distinct neural pathways for pictures and videos
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L Legrand, G Turc, M Edjlali, M Beaumont, V Gautheron, W Ben Hassen, ...
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Altered cortical processing of motor inhibition in schizophrenia
PG Lindberg, M Térémetz, S Charron, O Kebir, A Saby, N Bendjemaa, ...
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Perfusion imaging and clinical outcome in acute ischemic stroke with large core
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Exploring brain activity in neuroeconomics
S Charron 1, 2, 3, A Fuchs 4, 5, O Oullier 6, 4
Revue d'économie politique, 97-124, 2008
Synthetic FLAIR as a substitute for FLAIR sequence in acute ischemic stroke
J Benzakoun, MA Deslys, L Legrand, G Hmeydia, G Turc, WB Hassen, ...
Radiology 303 (1), 153-159, 2022
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