Susana Quijano-Roy
Susana Quijano-Roy
Head of the Neuromuscular Unit, Pediatric Neurology Department, Raymond Poincaré Hospital
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Diagnosis and management of spinal muscular atrophy: Part 1: Recommendations for diagnosis, rehabilitation, orthopedic and nutritional care
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Whole body muscle MRI protocol: pattern recognition in early onset NM disorders
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ISPD produces CDP-ribitol used by FKTN and FKRP to transfer ribitol phosphate onto α-dystroglycan
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ColVI myopathies: where do we stand, where do we go?
V Allamand, L Briñas, P Richard, T Stojkovic, S Quijano-Roy, G Bonne
Skeletal muscle 1, 1-14, 2011
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