Suneel Kumar Kodambaka
Suneel Kumar Kodambaka
Professor and Head, Materials Science and Engineering, Virginia Tech
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The influence of the surface migration of gold on the growth of silicon nanowires
JB Hannon, S Kodambaka, FM Ross, RM Tromp
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Germanium nanowire growth below the eutectic temperature
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SY Kwon, CV Ciobanu, V Petrova, VB Shenoy, J Bareno, V Gambin, ...
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CY Wen, MC Reuter, J Bruley, J Tersoff, S Kodambaka, EA Stach, ...
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Diameter-independent kinetics in the vapor-liquid-solid growth of Si nanowires
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J Kwak, JH Chu, JK Choi, SD Park, H Go, SY Kim, K Park, SD Kim, ...
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Kinetics of individual nucleation events observed in nanoscale vapor-liquid-solid growth
BJ Kim, J Tersoff, S Kodambaka, MC Reuter, EA Stach, FM Ross
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Tungsten carbide (WC) synthesis from novel precursors
R Koc, SK Kodambaka
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Control of Si nanowire growth by oxygen
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CY Wen, J Tersoff, K Hillerich, MC Reuter, JH Park, S Kodambaka, ...
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Mechanical stability of possible structures of PtN investigated using first-principles calculations
SKR Patil, SV Khare, BR Tuttle, JK Bording, S Kodambaka
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A Ebnonnasir, B Narayanan, S Kodambaka, CV Ciobanu
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Orientation-dependent work function of graphene on Pd (111)
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Control of electron beam-induced Au nanocrystal growth kinetics through solution chemistry
JH Park, NM Schneider, JM Grogan, MC Reuter, HH Bau, S Kodambaka, ...
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Multiscale modeling of thin-film deposition: applications to Si device processing
FH Baumann, DL Chopp, TD de la Rubia, GH Gilmer, JE Greene, ...
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Self-catalyzed epitaxial growth of vertical indium phosphide nanowires on silicon
L Gao, RL Woo, B Liang, M Pozuelo, S Prikhodko, M Jackson, N Goel, ...
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Moiré superstructures of graphene on faceted nickel islands
Y Murata, V Petrova, BB Kappes, A Ebnonnasir, I Petrov, YH Xie, ...
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Kinetic control of self-catalyzed indium phosphide nanowires, nanocones, and nanopillars
RL Woo, L Gao, N Goel, MK Hudait, KL Wang, S Kodambaka, RF Hicks
Nano letters 9 (6), 2207-2211, 2009
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