Thomas J. A. Wolf
Thomas J. A. Wolf
Lead Scientist, LCLS and Stanford PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
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Tunable isolated attosecond X-ray pulses with gigawatt peak power from a free-electron laser
J Duris, S Li, T Driver, EG Champenois, JP MacArthur, AA Lutman, ...
Nature Photonics 14 (1), 30-36, 2020
Imaging CF3I conical intersection and photodissociation dynamics with ultrafast electron diffraction
J Yang, X Zhu, TJA Wolf, Z Li, JPF Nunes, R Coffee, JP Cryan, M Gühr, ...
Science 361 (6397), 64-67, 2018
The photochemical ring-opening of 1, 3-cyclohexadiene imaged by ultrafast electron diffraction
TJA Wolf, DM Sanchez, J Yang, RM Parrish, JPF Nunes, M Centurion, ...
Nature chemistry 11 (6), 504-509, 2019
Three-dimensional multi-photon direct laser writing with variable repetition rate
J Fischer, JB Mueller, J Kaschke, TJA Wolf, AN Unterreiner, M Wegener
Optics express 21 (22), 26244-26260, 2013
Probing ultrafast ππ*/nπ* internal conversion in organic chromophores via K-edge resonant absorption
TJA Wolf, RH Myhre, JP Cryan, S Coriani, RJ Squibb, A Battistoni, ...
Nature Communications 8, 29, 2017
Simultaneous observation of nuclear and electronic dynamics by ultrafast electron diffraction
J Yang, X Zhu, JP F. Nunes, JK Yu, RM Parrish, TJA Wolf, M Centurion, ...
Science 368 (6493), 885-889, 2020
Direct observation of ultrafast hydrogen bond strengthening in liquid water
J Yang, R Dettori, JPF Nunes, NH List, E Biasin, M Centurion, Z Chen, ...
Nature 596 (7873), 531-535, 2021
Pump–probe spectroscopy on photoinitiators for stimulated-emission-depletion optical lithography
TJA Wolf, J Fischer, M Wegener, AN Unterreiner
Optics letters 36 (16), 3188-3190, 2011
Attosecond coherent electron motion in Auger-Meitner decay
S Li, T Driver, P Rosenberger, EG Champenois, J Duris, A Al-Haddad, ...
Science 375 (6578), 285-290, 2022
Femtosecond gas-phase mega-electron-volt ultrafast electron diffraction
X Shen, JPF Nunes, J Yang, RK Jobe, RK Li, MF Lin, B Moore, M Niebuhr, ...
Structural Dynamics 6 (5), 2019
Attosecond transient absorption spooktroscopy: a ghost imaging approach to ultrafast absorption spectroscopy
T Driver, S Li, EG Champenois, J Duris, D Ratner, TJ Lane, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (5), 2704-2712, 2020
Novel lanthanide-based polymeric chains and corresponding ultrafast dynamics in solution
DT Thielemann, M Klinger, TJA Wolf, Y Lan, W Wernsdorfer, M Busse, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (23), 11990-12000, 2011
Liquid-phase mega-electron-volt ultrafast electron diffraction
JPF Nunes, K Ledbetter, M Lin, M Kozina, DP DePonte, E Biasin, ...
Structural Dynamics 7 (2), 2020
Elucidating the early steps in photoinitiated radical polymerization via femtosecond pump–probe experiments and DFT calculations
TJA Wolf, D Voll, C Barner-Kowollik, AN Unterreiner
Macromolecules 45 (5), 2257-2266, 2012
Imaging the short-lived hydroxyl-hydronium pair in ionized liquid water
MF Lin, N Singh, S Liang, M Mo, JPF Nunes, K Ledbetter, J Yang, ...
Science 374 (6563), 92-95, 2021
Ultrafast Dynamics of o-Nitrophenol: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
HA Ernst, TJA Wolf, O Schalk, N González-García, AE Boguslavskiy, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119 (35), 9225-9235, 2015
Hexamethylcyclopentadiene: time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio multiple spawning simulations
TJA Wolf, TS Kuhlman, O Schalk, TJ Martinez, KB Møller, A Stolow, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (23), 11770-11779, 2014
Ultrafast imaging of molecules with electron diffraction
M Centurion, TJA Wolf, J Yang
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 73 (1), 21-42, 2022
Correlation-driven transient hole dynamics resolved in space and time in the isopropanol molecule
T Barillot, O Alexander, B Cooper, T Driver, D Garratt, S Li, A Al Haddad, ...
Physical Review X 11 (3), 031048, 2021
A theoretical and experimental benchmark study of core-excited states in nitrogen
RH Myhre, TJA Wolf, L Cheng, S Nandi, S Coriani, M Gühr, H Koch
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (6), 2018
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