Thijs Defraeye
Thijs Defraeye
Empa (Swiss Federal Labs)
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Urban Physics: Effect of the micro-climate on comfort, health and energy demand
P Moonen, T Defraeye, V Dorer, B Blocken, J Carmeliet
Frontiers of Architectural Research 1 (3), 197-228, 2012
Advanced computational modelling for drying processes–A review
T Defraeye
Applied Energy 131, 323-344, 2014
Convective heat transfer coefficients for exterior building surfaces: Existing correlations and CFD modelling
T Defraeye, B Blocken, J Carmeliet
Energy Conversion and Management 52 (1), 512-522, 2011
High-resolution CFD simulations for forced convective heat transfer coefficients at the facade of a low-rise building
B Blocken, T Defraeye, D Derome, J Carmeliet
Building and Environment 44 (12), 2396-2412, 2009
CFD analysis of convective heat transfer at the surfaces of a cube immersed in a turbulent boundary layer
T Defraeye, B Blocken, J Carmeliet
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 53 (1-3), 297-308, 2010
Aerodynamic study of different cyclist positions: CFD analysis and full-scale wind-tunnel tests
T Defraeye, B Blocken, E Koninckx, P Hespel, J Carmeliet
Journal of biomechanics 43 (7), 1262-1268, 2010
Nondestructive measurement of fruit and vegetable quality
BM Nicolaï, T Defraeye, B De Ketelaere, E Herremans, ML Hertog, ...
Annual review of food science and technology 5, 285-312, 2014
CFD simulations of the aerodynamic drag of two drafting cyclists
B Blocken, T Defraeye, E Koninckx, J Carmeliet, P Hespel
Computers & Fluids 71, 435-445, 2013
Multiscale modeling in food engineering
QT Ho, J Carmeliet, AK Datta, T Defraeye, MA Delele, E Herremans, ...
Journal of food Engineering 114 (3), 279-291, 2013
Towards integrated performance evaluation of future packaging for fresh produce in the cold chain
T Defraeye, P Cronjé, T Berry, UL Opara, A East, M Hertog, P Verboven, ...
Trends in food science & technology 44 (2), 201-225, 2015
The use of CFD to characterize and design post-harvest storage facilities: Past, present and future
A Ambaw, MA Delele, T Defraeye, QT Ho, LU Opara, BM Nicolai, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 93, 184-194, 2013
Forced-convective cooling of citrus fruit: Package design
T Defraeye, R Lambrecht, AA Tsige, MA Delele, UL Opara, P Cronjé, ...
Journal of food engineering 118 (1), 8-18, 2013
Analysis of convective heat and mass transfer coefficients for convective drying of a porous flat plate by conjugate modelling
T Defraeye, B Blocken, J Carmeliet
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55 (1-3), 112-124, 2012
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of cyclist aerodynamics: Performance of different turbulence-modelling and boundary-layer modelling approaches
T Defraeye, B Blocken, E Koninckx, P Hespel, J Carmeliet
Journal of biomechanics 43 (12), 2281-2287, 2010
Forced-convective cooling of citrus fruit: cooling conditions and energy consumption in relation to package design
T Defraeye, R Lambrecht, MA Delele, AA Tsige, UL Opara, P Cronje, ...
Journal of Food Engineering 121, 118-127, 2014
Comparison of X-ray CT and MRI of watercore disorder of different apple cultivars
E Herremans, A Melado-Herreros, T Defraeye, B Verlinden, M Hertog, ...
Postharvest biology and technology 87, 42-50, 2014
Digital twins probe into food cooling and biochemical quality changes for reducing losses in refrigerated supply chains
T Defraeye, G Tagliavini, W Wu, K Prawiranto, S Schudel, MA Kerisima, ...
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 149, 778-794, 2019
Digital twins are coming: Will we need them in supply chains of fresh horticultural produce?
T Defraeye, C Shrivastava, T Berry, P Verboven, D Onwude, S Schudel, ...
Trends in Food Science & Technology 109, 245-258, 2021
Integral performance evaluation of the fresh-produce cold chain: A case study for ambient loading of citrus in refrigerated containers
T Defraeye, B Nicolai, W Kirkman, S Moore, S van Niekerk, P Verboven, ...
Postharvest Biology and Technology 112, 1-13, 2016
The role of horticultural carton vent hole design on cooling efficiency and compression strength: A multi-parameter approach
TM Berry, TS Fadiji, T Defraeye, UL Opara
Postharvest Biology and Technology 124, 62-74, 2017
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