Željka Knežević
Željka Knežević
PhD, Senior Research associate at Ruđer Bošković Institute
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Photon dosimetry methods outside the target volume in radiation therapy: Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), thermoluminescence (TL) and radiophotoluminescence (RPL) dosimetry
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Characterisation of RPL and TL dosimetry systems and comparison in medical dosimetry applications
Ž Knežević, N Beck, Đ Milković, S Miljanić, M Ranogajec-Komor
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Characterization of XR‐RV3 GafChromic® films in standard laboratory and in clinical conditions and means to evaluate uncertainties and reduce errors
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Measurement of maximum skin dose in interventional radiology and cardiology and challenges in the set-up of European alert thresholds
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Primary DNA damage assessed with the comet assay and comparison to the absorbed dose of diagnostic X-rays in children
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Out-of-field dose measurements for 3D conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy of a paediatric brain tumour
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Comparison of doses calculated by the Monte Carlo method and measured by LiF TLD in the buildup region for a 60Co photon beam
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Dose distribution of secondary radiation in a water phantom for a proton pencil beam—EURADOS WG9 intercomparison exercise
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Influence of dopants on the glow curve structure and energy dependence of LiF: Mg, Cu, Si detectors
Ž Knežević, M Ranogajec-Komor, S Miljanić, JI Lee, JL Kim, S Musić
Radiation measurements 46 (3), 329-333, 2011
Comparative study of LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si and Li2B4O7:Cu,Ag,P TL detectors
S Miljanić, M Ranogajec-Komor, Ž Knežević, M Štuhec, M Prokić
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A descriptive and broadly applicable model of therapeutic and stray absorbed dose from 6 to 25 MV photon beams
CW Schneider, WD Newhauser, LJ Wilson, U Schneider, R Kaderka, ...
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Characterisation of grids of point detectors in maximum skin dose measurement in fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures
J Dabin, A Negri, J Farah, O Ciraj-Bjelac, I Clairand, C De Angelis, ...
Physica Medica 31 (8), 1112-1117, 2015
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