Claes Breitholtz
Claes Breitholtz
Professor in Automatic Control, Chalmers University of Technology
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Feedback stabilization of nonaxisymmetric resistive wall modes in tokamaks. I. Electromagnetic model
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Analysis of the dc dynamics of VSC-HVDC systems using a frequency domain approach
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Region of attraction estimates for LPV-gain scheduled control systems
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Advanced biofuel production via gasification–lessons learned from 200 man-years of research activity with Chalmers’ research gasifier and the GoBiGas demonstration plant …
H Thunman, M Seemann, TB Vilches, J Maric, D Pallares, H Ström, ...
On the infinite time solution to state-constrained stochastic optimal control problems
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Rational transfer function models for biofilm reactors
T Wik, C Breitholtz
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