Neil J. Watkins
Neil J. Watkins
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Platinum-maghemite core− shell nanoparticles using a sequential synthesis
X Teng, D Black, NJ Watkins, Y Gao, H Yang
Nano Letters 3 (2), 261-264, 2003
Electronic structure symmetry of interfaces between pentacene and metals
NJ Watkins, L Yan, Y Gao
Applied Physics Letters 80 (23), 4384-4386, 2002
Oxidation study of GaN using x-ray photoemission spectroscopy
NJ Watkins, GW Wicks, Y Gao
Applied Physics Letters 75 (17), 2602-2604, 1999
Thermodynamic equilibrium and metal-organic interface dipole
L Yan, NJ Watkins, S Zorba, Y Gao, CW Tang
Applied physics letters 81 (15), 2752-2754, 2002
Direct observation of Fermi-level pinning in Cs-doped CuPc film
L Yan, NJ Watkins, S Zorba, Y Gao, CW Tang
Applied Physics Letters 79 (25), 4148-4150, 2001
Synthesis and surface composition study of CdSe nanoclusters prepared using solvent systems containing primary, secondary, and tertiary amines
EE Foos, J Wilkinson, AJ Mäkinen, NJ Watkins, ZH Kafafi, JP Long
Chemistry of materials 18 (12), 2886-2894, 2006
Molecular beam epitaxial growth of BGaAs ternary compounds
VK Gupta, MW Koch, NJ Watkins, Y Gao, GW Wicks
Journal of electronic materials 29 (12), 1387-1391, 2000
Interface formation and energy level alignment of pentacene on
NJ Watkins, Y Gao
Journal of applied physics 94 (9), 5782-5786, 2003
Vacuum level alignment of pentacene on LiF/Au
NJ Watkins, Y Gao
Journal of applied physics 94 (2), 1289-1291, 2003
Sexithiophene adlayer growth on vicinal gold surfaces
AJ Mäkinen, JP Long, NJ Watkins, ZH Kafafi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109 (12), 5790-5795, 2005
Interface formation of pentacene on
NJ Watkins, S Zorba, Y Gao
Journal of applied physics 96 (1), 425-429, 2004
Hot-electron relaxation in the layered semiconductor 2H-MoS2 studied by time-resolved two-photon photoemission spectroscopy
A Tanaka, NJ Watkins, Y Gao
Physical Review B Phys Rev B 67 (11), 113315, 2003
Fiber optic light collection system for scanning-tunneling-microscope-induced light emission
NJ Watkins, JP Long, ZH Kafafi, AJ Mäkinen
Review of scientific instruments 78 (5), 053707, 2007
Charge-separated state in strain-induced quantum dots
Y Gu, MD Sturge, K Kash, N Watkins, BP Van der Gaag, AS Gozdz, ...
Applied physics letters 70 (13), 1733-1735, 1997
Electron spectra of a self-assembled monolayer on gold: Inverse photoemission and two-photon photoemission spectroscopy
NJ Watkins, CD Zangmeister, CK Chan, W Zhao, JW Ciszek, JM Tour, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 446 (4-6), 359-364, 2007
Direct observation of the evolution of occupied and unoccupied energy levels of two silole derivatives at their interfaces with magnesium
NJ Watkins, AJ Mäkinen, Y Gao, M Uchida, ZH Kafafi
Journal of applied physics 100 (10), 103706, 2006
Electronic structure and morphology of organic/metal/organic junctions
NJ Watkins, GP Kushto, AJ Mäkinen
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (1), 013712, 2008
Kinetic roughening study of perylene on glass and Au substrates
S Zorba, L Yan, NJ Watkins, Y Gao
Applied physics letters 81 (27), 5195-5197, 2002
Morphology and Current–Voltage Characteristics of Nanostructured Pentacene Thin Films Probed by Atomic Force Microscopy
S Zorba, QT Le, NJ Watkins, L Yan, Y Gao
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 1 (3), 317-321, 2001
Femtosecond time-resolved two-photon photoemission study of organic semiconductor copper phthalocyanine film
A Tanaka, L Yan, NJ Watkins, Y Gao
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 144, 327-329, 2005
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