Agnes Toth-Petroczy
Agnes Toth-Petroczy
MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics and Center for Systems Biology Dresden
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The EVcouplings Python framework for coevolutionary sequence analysis
TA Hopf, AG Green, B Schubert, S Mersmann, CPI Schärfe, JB Ingraham, ...
Bioinformatics 35 (9), 1582-1584, 2019
What makes a protein fold amenable to functional innovation? Fold polarity and stability trade-offs
E Dellus-Gur, A Toth-Petroczy, M Elias, DS Tawfik
Journal of molecular biology 425 (14), 2609-2621, 2013
Malleable machines in transcription regulation: the mediator complex
Á Tóth-Petróczy, CJ Oldfield, I Simon, Y Takagi, AK Dunker, VN Uversky, ...
PLoS computational biology 4 (12), e1000243, 2008
Structured states of disordered proteins from genomic sequences
A Toth-Petroczy, P Palmedo, J Ingraham, TA Hopf, B Berger, C Sander, ...
Cell 167 (1), 158-170. e12, 2016
The robustness and innovability of protein folds
A Toth-Petroczy, DS Tawfik
Current opinion in structural biology 26, 131-138, 2014
Disordered proteinaceous machines
M Fuxreiter, A Tóth-Petróczy, DA Kraut, AT Matouschek, RYH Lim, B Xue, ...
Chemical reviews 114 (13), 6806-6843, 2014
Systematic mapping of protein mutational space by prolonged drift reveals the deleterious effects of seemingly neutral mutations
L Rockah-Shmuel, Á Tóth-Petróczy, DS Tawfik
PLoS computational biology 11 (8), e1004421, 2015
An ancient fingerprint indicates the common ancestry of Rossmann-fold enzymes utilizing different ribose-based cofactors
P Laurino, Á Tóth-Petróczy, R Meana-Pañeda, W Lin, DG Truhlar, ...
PLoS biology 14 (3), e1002396, 2016
Slow protein evolutionary rates are dictated by surface–core association
Á Tóth-Petróczy, DS Tawfik
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (27), 11151-11156, 2011
Simple yet functional phosphate-loop proteins
ML Romero Romero, F Yang, YR Lin, A Toth-Petroczy, IN Berezovsky, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (51), E11943-E11950, 2018
Disordered tails of homeodomains facilitate DNA recognition by providing a trade-off between folding and specific binding
A Tóth-Petróczy, I Simon, M Fuxreiter, Y Levy
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (42), 15084-15085, 2009
Protein insertions and deletions enabled by neutral roaming in sequence space
A Tóth-Petróczy, DS Tawfik
Molecular biology and evolution 30 (4), 761-771, 2013
Intrinsic disorder in ubiquitination substrates
T Hagai, A Azia, Á Tóth-Petróczy, Y Levy
Journal of molecular biology 412 (3), 319-324, 2011
Correlated occurrence and bypass of frame-shifting insertion-deletions (InDels) to give functional proteins
L Rockah-Shmuel, Á Tóth-Petróczy, A Sela, O Wurtzel, R Sorek, ...
PLoS genetics 9 (10), e1003882, 2013
On the mechanism and origin of isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase editing against norvaline
M Bilus, M Semanjski, M Mocibob, I Zivkovic, N Cvetesic, DS Tawfik, ...
Journal of molecular biology 431 (6), 1284-1297, 2019
The origins and evolution of ubiquitination sites.
T Hagai, A Toth-Petroczy, A Azia, Y Levy
Mol. BioSyst 8, 1865-1877, 2012
An integrated clinical program and crowdsourcing strategy for genomic sequencing and Mendelian disease gene discovery
A Haghighi, JB Krier, A Toth-Petroczy, CA Cassa, NY Frank, ...
npj Genomic Medicine 3 (1), 21, 2018
Homozygous TRPV4 mutation causes congenital distal spinal muscular atrophy and arthrogryposis
J Velilla, MM Marchetti, A Toth-Petroczy, C Grosgogeat, AH Bennett, ...
Neurology: Genetics 5 (2), e312, 2019
Assessing conservation of disordered regions in proteins
Á Tóth-Petróczy, B Mészáros, I Simon, AK Dunker, VN Uversky, ...
The Open Proteomics Journal 1 (1), 2008
The Rab5 effector FERRY links early endosomes with mRNA localization
JS Schuhmacher, S tom Dieck, S Christoforidis, C Landerer, JD Gallesio, ...
Molecular cell 83 (11), 1839-1855. e13, 2023
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